28th December

Sand Bay: 1,000 small waders, 30+ knot, 3 Water Pipits, 9 snipe

Anchor Head: 2 black redstart (photo), 6 purple sandpiper

Water Pipit
Water Pipit
Water Pipit photo above and video still below

27th December

PM: Anchor Head: 2 Black Redstart around the captains cabin area.

26th December

PAG: Anchor Head: 1W Iceland Gull flew towards Axe Estuary

18th December

AH: Brean Down: 2 Black Redstart (1 at fort, 1 in cove).

15th December

Anchor Head: 7 Purple Sandpiper

Sand Bay: 1,500+ Dunlin, 60 Knot, 31 Grey Plover, 8 Common Snipe, 1 Jack Snipe, 40+ Rock Pipit.

14th December

Sand Bay: 1,000+ Dunlin, 43 Knot, 19 Grey Plover, 300 Redshank, 200 Curlew

Weston STW: 130 Wigeon, 40 Shoveler, 20 Tufted Duck, 10 Gadwall, 1 Chiffchaff

6th December

Sand Point: 2 chiffchaff (Photo).

Sand Bay: 1,050 Dunlin, 300 Redshank, 200 Curlew, 15 Grey Plover

30th November

Axe Estuary: 600 Dunlin, 2 knot, 5 ringed plover

19th November

Sand Point: All heading west: 1,500 Starling, 350 Chaffinch, 40 Woodpigeon, 500 Redwing, 150 Fieldfare

18th November

Axe Estuary 92 Dunlin, 1 Golden Plover

Weston STW 200 Wigeon

16th November

Weston STW 165 Wigeon, 30 Pochard, 32 Snipe

15th November

Brean Down 1 common scoter, 1 dartford warbler

14th November

Weston stw 152 Wigeon, 1 mistle thrush, 11 tufted duck, 30 shoveler.

13th November

Axe Estuary 100 dunlin, 130 teal

12th November

Axe Estuary 1 spotted redshank

Weston STW 1 fem scaup (8th day), 30 shoveler, 11 tufted duck (increase), 101 wigeon, 1 golden plover high west.

11th November

Weston STW 1 fem Scaup (7th day)

10th November

axe estuary 1 spotted redshank

weston stw fem scaup, 30 shoveler

9th November

weston stw 30 pochard, 50 coot, 1 scaup

Brean down 2 ring ouzel, 1 dartford warbler, 1 merlin, 40 kittiwake up channel

PAG: sand point 3 red-throated diver, 100 kittiwake, 1 wigeon.

8th November

axe estuary 1 spotted redshank, 150 dunlin, 430 lapwing

Weston Woods 1 firecrest near roman settlement.

JLT: Brean Down 1 ring ouzel, 1 dartford warbler, 1 reed warbler

6th November No wind, 100% low cloud and fog.

brean down 1 reed warbler pished nr farm, 900 chaffinch most heading east in/off from wales, 20+ brambling

weston stw 1 fem scaup, 22 shoveler, 1 mistle thrush.

5th November Light NE wind 100% low cloud

sand point 450 chaffinch, 35 brambling, 2 mistle thrush, 1 wheatear (photo) , 1 chiffchaff, 3 redpoll, 5 bullfinch, 200 starling, 36 skylark north (inc flock of 23), 22 fieldfare.

sand bay 17 grey plover, 2 golden plover, 222 dunlin, 1 bar-tailed godwit, 1 shelduck hybrid.

anchor head 3 purple sandpiper (photo)

axe estuary 300 lapwing, 120 dunlin

Weston stw 1 fem scaup, 1 goldeneye, 1 spotted redshank, 1 common sandpiper, 97 wigeon.

Female Scaup

4th November - NE 12mph 100% low cloud.
brean down 50 blackbird, 200 chaffinch, 100 starling, 6 brambling, 30 meadow pipit, 4 pied wagtail

Weston 1 female black redstart (photo) oldmixon crescent.

3rd November
AH: Sand Point: 1 short-eared owl, 400 dunlin, 1 shelduck hybrid.

2nd November
brean down 1 hen harrier east, 1 common scoter, 1 redpoll, 1 chaffinch

Axe estuary common scoter, 140 curlew,

weston sewage works 105 wigeon, 100 snipe, 1 hen harrier ( photo), 1 fem goldeneye (photo)

Common Scoter
Female Common Scoter

1st November
brean down 1,200 starling, 11 siskin, 1 mistle thrush, 150 woodpigeon, 3 redpoll, 2 skylark, 4 brambling, 200 chaffinch

Axe estuary 200 teal

31st October
brean down 6,000 starling north, 1 crossbill north, 450 chaffinch north, 11 skylark, 8 brambling, 4 siskin, 1 redpolls

30th October
brean down 200 redwing, 100 chaffinch north, 100 starling north (heavy redwing passage over berrow from NW heading SE)

axe estuary 9 black-tailed godwit, 150 redshank, 30 dunlin.

29th October
sand point 200 chaffinch, 300 starling, 30 woodpigeon

axe estuary 320 redshank, 1 knot, 35 dunlin, 2 blackwit.

weston stw 20 pochard, 20 shoveler, 70 wigeon.

28th October
1 swallow, 10 redwing, 100 chaffinch, 200 starling at brean down.

27th October
sand point 490 chaffinch, 405 starling, 8 skylark and 190 greenfinch all heading west.

26th October
brean down 7 mute swan and 2 cetti's warbler

25th October
sand point 960 chaffinch, 825 starling, 8 brambling, 86 greenfinch and 11 skylark west.

24th October
A wind change to NNW again dry with high cloud. At brean down this morning: Bird of the day was yet another brean down tick for me, this time not so rare, a Cetti's Warbler singing in the ditch next to the bird garden car park. Vis mig heading north and west: 292 chaffinch, 295 starling, 19 siskin, 2 reed bunting, 16 greenfinch, 80 goldfinch, 19 skylark, 3 brambling, 20 meadow pipit, 1 fieldfare. Lingering were 60 linnet, 2 redwing and 2 merlin.

At Weston sewage works the Ferruginous Duck present for its 9th day with now only 25 pochard. 60 wigeon present on the wildfowl lagoons.

23rd October
dry with high cloud and moderate southerly wind. A surprise increase in passage this morning south over the axe estuary: 3,500 chaffinch, 4,000 black-headed gulls, 200 greenfinch, 10 skylark, 30 siskin, 20 brambling, 40 woodpigeon, 30 jackdaw, 300 starling, 30 meadow pipit, 10 pied wagtail, 1 grey wagtail, 1 yellowhammer, 10 reed bunting. Wader counts on the axe estuary produced: 31 dunlin, 7 black-tailed godwit, 2 grey plover, 3 knot, 20+ ringed plover, 140 lapwing.

At weston sewage works the drake ferruginous duck present for its 8th day. Also 85 wigeon on the wildfowl lagoons where a pintail showed briefly before flying high south.

22nd October
mostly cloudy with moderate westerly wind and some rain. The Ferruginous Duck present for its 7th day at Weston STW with 50 Pochard. 1,000 starling left the roost at 07:55 flying SSE. 3 Water rail (1 on UV pools and 2 wildfowl lagoons) where 60-70 wigeon present. On the axe 1 common sandpiper at the sluice.

Over high tide at the axe estuary 3 adult common gulls, 90 lapwing, 13 dunlin, 33 ringed plover, 2 black-tailed godwit.

21st October
Brisk westerly wind and clear sky. The Ferruginous Duck still present for its 6th day with 60 Pochard. Also 2 Golden Plover over and a Redpoll.

20th October
SSW wind overcast and rain mid morning. The Ferruginous Duck present for its 5th day with 50 Pochard. Little passage of note other than 400 Black-headed Gulls moving south. Most heading up the river axe with roughly a quater heading towards brean beach.

19th October
SSW wind and overcast but dry. Less passage than yesterday: <1,000 chaffinches with the occasional brambling. 25 fieldfare landed on hawthorns on middle hope. 150 curlew in sand bay.

The ferruginous duck present on the uv pools late morning after going missing mid morning. also 50 pochard and c.70 wigeon still lingering

18th October
south westerly wind and intermittent brief showers. Vis mig at sand point picked up at last: 3,390 chaffinch, 770 starling, 25 fieldfare, 5 brambling, 13 siskin, 2 reed bunting, 250 greenfinch, 35 woodpigeon, 3 pied wagtail, 2 skylark, 5 redwing, 1 jay.

At weston sewage works the ferruginous duck still present for its fourth day. also 50 pochard, 2 swallow, 69 wigeon, 1 water rail, 25 snipe, 12 shoveler and 5 gadwall.

At the axe estuary 33 ringed plover, 3 black-tailed godwit and 1 dulin.

16th October
clearer skies with a moderate westerly wind. Both the Ferruginous Duck and the Great Grey Shrike were making a popular duo for visiting birders this morning. At sand point this morning vis mig still struggling in numbers. Birds moving west were: 300 chaffinch, 2 siskin, 30 meadow pipit, 3 pied wagtail, 1 golden plover south, 30 greenfinch, 10 goldfinch.

Ferruginous Duck
Drake Ferruginous Duck

15th October
heavy cloud light drizzle and light SW wind. At Weston sewage works a drake Ferruginous Duck on the UV pools amongst 70 Pochard. At sand point by 9am a westerly movement of birds: 405 chaffinch, 4 siskin, 94 curlew down channel, 73 starling, 6 greenfinch, 3 song thrush, 4 pied wagtail, 8 goldfinch, and 25 meadow pipit. 1 chiffchaff and 3 blackcap present.

14th October
Cloudy with a light SW wind. At the Axe estuary 5 black-tailed godwit, 1 bar-tailed godwit, 1 curlew sandpiper, 3 dunlin, 220 redshank. Vis mig still not got going yet with 80 woodpigeon, 14 skylark, 265 starling, 1 redpoll, 4 house sparrow, 10 siskin, 1 great spotted woodpecker, 1 coal tit, 15 pied wagtail, 50 meadow pipit, 6 reed bunting and 50 chaffinch south over the axe. At sand point in a brief visit a merlin in from the south-east and 5 golden plover south.

13th October
Cloud rolling in from the north and a SW wind turning westerly by the afternoon. At the Axe estuary over this evenings high tide 7 avocets were on the tideline of uphill beach before being pushed over to the marsh on the somerset side to roost. Waders were definately on the move today with 35+ curlew down channel over sand point this morning and 100 lapwing high south over the axe estuary this morning.


12th October
clear sky and a light SSE wind with increasing fog. At brean down 2 skylark, 1 wheatear, 7 wigeon in/off, 10 siskin, 100 chaffinch, 2 rock pipit, 20 goldfinch, 5 pied wagtail, 40 meadow pipit, 8 linnet, 3 redpoll, 2 brambling, 13 redwing, 1 reed bunting, 30 song thrush, 30 blackbird and 7 chiffchaff.

At sand point on the BOC migration watch: 334 chaffinch, 2 redwing, 1 mistle thrush, 8 redpoll, 3 pintail, 100 meadow pipit, 1 restart, 25 linnet, 25 pied wagtail, 9 siskin, 120 starling, 3 reed bunting, 55 greenfinch, 18 woodpigeon, 6 song thrush, 4 brambling, 15 skylark.

Below is the Great Grey Shrike at Berrow found by James Packer this evening at ST 302588

Great Grey Shrike
Great Grey Shrike

11th October
A southerly wind and clear sky. At sand point a yellow-browed warbler hanging around the car park. also 2+ redwing, 2 wheatear, 2 siskin, 2 skylark, 100 chaffinch, 40 greenfinch, 100 meadow pipit, 4 mute swans. A yellow-browed warbler (PAG) at the north end of grove park weston and a flock of 20 redpoll (PAG) over sand point. At brean down 1 wheatear, 2 house martin and a redwing.

yellow-browed warbler
Yellow-browed Warbler

10th October
SSW wind this morning. At sand point 150 starling, 2 reed bunting, 1 yellowhammer, 2 brambling, 1 grey wagtail, 250 chaffinch, 80 greenfinch, 4 song thrush, 3 swallow, 10 meadow pipit, 2 siskin.

9th October
clear sky, patchy fog with light SSE wind. At brean down not much vis mig. 2 merlin, 2 brambling, 1 mistle thrush, 20 swallow, 2 redpoll, 5 siskin, 8 reed bunting, 4 skylark.


8th October
sibes in the east and yanks in the west. So whats in between? Not much: At brean coming in/off the mendips into a light westerly headwind 1 redpoll, 125 greenfinch, 80 chaffinch, 10 pied wagtails, 100 swallow (in/off from wales), 1 house martin, 8 reed bunting, 9 skylark, 60 meadow pipit, 15 linnet, 1 wheatear, 5 jay, 1 common gull (down channel), 15 siskin, 20 goldfinch, 260 starling, 1 grey wagtail. 40 lapwing on the axe.


6th October
cloudy with light SE wind. A good movement of common birds over brean down this morning involving around 1,000 individuals: 5 skylark, 200 goldfinch, 300 meadow pipit, 20 swallow, 60 house martin, 15 pied wagtail, 10 song thrush, 10 siskin, 200 linnet, 10 reed bunting, 60 chaffinch, 1 redpoll, 100 greenfinch and a yellowhammer. Also a firecrest with long-tailed tits, a merlin chasing high flying chaffinches coming in/off the sea, 20 chiffchaff and 2 wheatear.

5th October
Plenty of rain and variable wind as a low centre came through. No sign of any sea birds off anchor head by 9:30. At the axe 1 1st winter common gull and a knot were the only noteworthy birds seen. At brean a wheatear, 3 swallows and a summer plumage great northern diver north. The diver was seen from the car park flying over the fields towards the back end of brean. It had obviously flown along berrow beach. I am thinking of resurecting my brean down list as it is the fourth patch tick this year.

great northern diver
Great Northern Diver

4th October
winds swinging to a more southerly direction. A struggle to find anything of interest this morning. At sand point the vis mig is showing signs of picking up with 150 chaffinch, 20 greenfinch, 40 house martin, 2 swallow, 2 redpoll and 4 raven over. a wheatear on middle hope. in sand bay 4 ringed plover, 1 dunlin. at the axe 10 house martin, 4 swallow, 60 chaffinch south, 5 siskin south, 2 skylark south, 2 common gull, 2 great black back gull, 180 redshank, 3 dunlin. at the sewage works 1,000 linnet in the crop fields, an increase of pochard to 16 on uv pools, 10 wigeon, 4 jay south.

A small shearwater with a common sandpiper like flight was seen heading past clevedon this afternoon. 50 mins later Paul G intercepted the bird at 4:55-4:58 off anchor head which then landed on the sea a mile out. The bird in his opinion looked like a Little Shearwater.

3rd October
On brean down a firecrest (RM) present by the pond and a few siskins, chaffinches, greenfinches and linnets through. At the parrett estuary a little stint gave superb views c. 8 metres on a pool by the outfall.

2nd October
slightly lighter winds with a more northerly bias. A nice surprise came in the form of a fly over bunting sp with a small group of Linnets. The bird was calling constantly (a song thrush like "tik") as it flew on to the down over the top of the steps and continued westwards. Visually the bird looked like it was probably a Little Bunting. Very little else flying over. Grounded were 15 goldcrest, 10 chiffchaff plus several blackbirds.

1st October
strong westerly winds again. An hours sea watch off anchor head this morning: 2 manx shearwater south close in. 1 fulmar litterally flying circles around a persuing lesser black-back gull was entertaining to watch. A drake common scoter flew north and landed distantly on the sea. Unidentified were 5 small waders and a possible kittiwake.

30th September
strong westerly wind and rain. 5 manx shearwater lingering in sand bay this evening.

29th September
wind picking up and swinging round to NW. At sand point 1 redpoll, 3 wheatear, 10 siskin. over the point some migrant reed buntings, skylarks, chiffchaffs, blackcaps and meadow pipits. In sand bay 1 whimbrel and 1 grey plover.

28th September
another foggy day. at sand point between 11 and mid day 1 whinchat, 2 tree pipit, 2 wheatear, 1 female crossbill and 7 siskin.


27th September
foggy day. Little of note at sand point. 1 garden warbler, 1 crossbill, 50 swallow, 50 house martin, 1 wheatear, 10 skylark, 15 siskin, 3 redpoll, 1 golden plover. 15+ chiffchaff and 10 goldcrest.

Per AH at Uphill and Weston STW 17 snipe over, 1 male redstart and a common sandpiper on the axe.

26th September
Clear skies and a light ENE wind this morning. The first 2 redwing of the autumn at sand point. also 15 reed buntings, 50 swallow, 15 house martin, 10 chiffchaff, 200 meadow pipit, 50 chaffinch, 3 grey wagtail, 10 siskin, 4 wheatear, 350+ goldfinch (most in flock around marsh) and 2 skylark

25th September
Cloudy with calmer winds this morning. Still a little quiet with small influxes noted at sand point: 10 blackbirds, 5 song thrush, 15 chiffchaff, 5 goldcrest. Overhead just 20 swallow through by 9am.

This afternoon at sand point 3 crossbills seen over towards the trig point and lost to view. In the bay 130 dunlin and a sanderling.

per AH: The wryneck still present today plus 2 wheatear and a great spotted woodpecker flew out to sea.

24th September
The wryneck still present this afternoon.

22nd/23rd September
Little in the way of passage the last couple of days. The wryneck still present yesterday at sand point whilst 120 swallow, 3 grey wagtails and 1 sand martin flew over. Todays counts over the axe estuary of birds heading north into the 13mph headwind in 1 hour were 150 meadow pipit, 10 chaffinch, 30 goldfinch, 1 siskin, 1 grey wagtail and 30 swallow. At the axe estuary over high tide new arrivals were 1 pintail and increase of lapwing to 16.

21st September
The wryneck still present at sand point. also logged this morning: 1 g.s.woodpecker, 2 tree pipit, 3 reed bunting, 27 siskin, 35 meadow pipit, 100 swallow, 1 sand martin, 5 pied wagtail, 1 spotted flycatcher, 2 skylark, 1 yellow wagtail, 3 redpoll. In sand bay 150 dunlin, 30 ringed plover and a golden plover.

20th September
A foggy day. At sand point a wryneck present by the ancient fort and still showing late evening (per PAG). A 2nd year med gull on weston beach opposite the winter gardens. At weston stw 2 whinchat (MSP), 1 common gull on the uv pools.

News per B.Blake of a bird seen by a dog walker whos dog flushed a small grey bird with a long black bill in madeira cove which flew from the beach and sat on the sea just offshore suggested a Grey Phalarope but it couldn't be relocated for id confirmation.

A red kite over sand point (DB) at 15:40


19th September
Cloud building up after midnight seems to have again brought nocturnal activity to a halt. On brean down just 1 chiffchaff and 1 wheatear recorded. Overhead vis mig was in full swing by 07:50 with the continued swallow passage. 4,500 were logged going through by 09:00. Also 500 meadow pipits through moving in the same direction as the swallows. other species going through included 3 sand martin, 50 siskin, 3 grey wagtail, 10 pied wagtail, 80 linnet, 50 house martin and a grey heron.

At the axe estuary 1 bar-tailed godwit, 2 black-tailed godwit, 1 knot, 3 lapwing, 15 dunlin and a ringed plover.

18th September
With the heavy cloud petering out migration has got underway again. At brean down between 7 and 9: 400 swallow, 100 house martin, 5 sand martin, 30 chiffchaff, 10 blackcap, 1 tree pipit, 1 grasshopper warbler, 1 redstart, 4 wheatear, 100 meadow pipit, 60 siskin, 2 reed buntings, 2 grey wagtails and a grey heron.

This afternoon at weston sewage works 8 gadwall, 12 wigeon and 8 shoveler. 85 teal 1 bar-tailed godwit and 2 black-tailed godwits at the axe estuary. The most impressive occurence was the movement of swallows coming off the back of brean down and heading ESE over weston sewage works. With 200 passing through in just 1 minute 36 seconds the hourly estimate came to 7,500 birds!

Yesterday evening 3 water rails were calling regularly at weston sewage works. Also an adult med gull present in the afternoon (MSP)

Female Redstart

17th September
Heavy overnight cloud and light rain seems of have halted any migration this morning. At sand point the only vis mig was 110 goldfinch through. grounded migrants included 1 wheatear and 1 spotted flychatcher. In sand bay 150 dunlin and 25 ringed plover. Yesterdays escape appears to be a female Pin Tailed Whydah.

16th September
Logged at brean down this morning 1 barred warbler, 1 garden warbler, 1 tree pipit, 8 wheatear, 300 house martin, 100 swallow, 280 linnet, 10 siskin, 100 meadow pipit, 100 swallow, 5 reed buntings, 10 chiffchaff, 70 goldfinch, 5 chaffinch, 1 grey wagtail and an escaped weaver sp. on the river axe 65 teal and 2 wigeon. At sand point a wryneck along the bottom track by broken style (NW). After unsuccessfully relocating the wryneck at the stile I discovered another/same bird by the toilet block but working its way west along the bushes. Also along this stretch were spotted flycatcher, 10 chiffchaff and 2 wheatear.

female Pin Tailed Whydah
Barred WarblerBarred Warbler
Female Pin-tailed Whydah above and Barred Warbler

15th September
Much less passage over middle hope this morning. 115 meadow pipits east and 80 grounded. Just 2 siskin and 1 grey wagtail over and a trickle of swallows east. At the banwell estuary 1 pintail, 18 wigeon and 20 teal.

14th September
On middle hope this morning, 1 crossbill lingering around the point, 2 whinchat, 1 spotted flycatcher (PAG), 2 tree pipit, 15 chiffchaff, 11 grey wagtails up channel, 80 siskin east, 20 meadow pipits (grounded), 5 wheatear, 3 sand martin, 5 snipe west, 7 grey heron west.

13th September
In sand bay 2 curlew sandpiper, 24 knot, 1 ruff, 1 sanderling, 300 ringed plover/dunlin. on sand point 200 meadow pipits through, 20 siskin, 2 tree pipit, 150 goldfinch, 7 wheatear and a willow warbler. Also a few wigeon in sand bay (PAG)

12th september
1 common gull and 1 bar-tailed godwit at the axe estuary. 1 siskin over weston late morning. 3 wheatear on brean down plus a few swallows east.

11th September
On Sand Point 24+ wheatear and a small passage of meadow pipits (AH).

9th September
Cloudy with rain. At weston sewage works a moulting adult Black Tern on the UV pools amongst 150 hirundines made mainly of swallows with good numbers also of sand martin and house martin. Comparing the photos of todays Black Tern with saturdays, the moult of the underparts confirms that it is a different bird.

7th September
15mph NW wind, cloudy but dry. No sign of the aquatic warbler by 9:00am or the black tern. A flyover brambling was a nice find (PAG) over weston sewage works. 4 wheatear on the axe bank, 1 willow warbler and a yellow wagtail south. Little of note at brean down, numbers of wheatear increased throughout the morning with 6 counted by 10am. Otherwise a small passage of house martins and swallows west. At Parrett estuary 15 wheatear, 1 common tern and 5+ manx shearwater.

6th September
SW wind and heavy intermittent showers. At Sand Point 11 wheatear, 200 swallow, 10 sand martin, 1 yellow wagtail, 2 whitethroat, 1 willow warbler and 5 chiffchaff. On the Banwell Estuary 2 common tern and 2 arctic tern. In sand Bay 70 dunlin, 80 ringed plover and 1 turnstone. At Weston sewage works a black tern came off the river axe and spent the rest of the day over the uv pools showing well. Highlight of the day was a Aquatic Warbler that initially showed briefly at around 12:30pm showing the classic humbug head pattern. It was seen briefly on subsequent occasions from tape luring and organised flushing. A sedge warbler also lingered in the same area adding to the confusion. Both birds became increasing difficult to put up and neither were seen after 2:15pm.

Common Tern photoArctic Tern photo
Common Tern left, Arctic Tern right

3rd September
Partly cloudy with an increasing SW wind. 1 juv Shag on the Axe estuuary over the falling tide. It eventually flew and landed on the rocks on brean down. Also at the axe estuary 3 knot, 2 sanderling, 5 dunlin and 35 ringed plover. A common gull roosting on black rock over high tide. Further up river a green sandpiper and 8 wheatear on the river axe.

2nd September
Partly cloudy with a 9mph SW wind. 1003mb falling. On the river Axe 1-2 White Wagtail amongst the Pieds. Also 1 wheatear, 1 tree pipit over, 1 common sandpiper. 1 Sand Martin and a few house martins amongst 60 swallow.

31st August
Cloudy light rain and light W wind 1011mb rising. At sand point 200 house martin, 200 swallow, 15 blackcap, 25 chiffchaff, 3 lesser whitethroat and 4 whitethroat. A tree pipit flew down down channel, a crossbill came in from sand bay and 3 snipe flew up channel. 6 swift were amongst the hirundines. 4 grey wagtail flew up channel.

30th August
cloudy with light ESE wind 1016mb falling. At sand point 100 house martin, 130 goldfinch, 3 grey wagtail, 6 wheatear, 3 lesser whitethroat, 2 whitethroat, 1 whinchat, 20 chiffchaff. In sand bay 30 ringed plover and 10 dunlin.

29th August
warm but cloudy with variable wind. At weston stw this evening the garganey still present on the uv pools plus 25 pochard, 8 shoveler, 2 gadwall and a grasshopper warbler reeled briefly. on the river axe 4 wheatear, a common sandpiper and a yellow wagtail.

28th August
1021mb falling. At sand bay this evening 200 dunlin, 55 ringed plover, 3 knot, 1 sanderling, 2 bar-tailed godwit and 2 whimbrel. At weston stw this morning a pure albino stock dove amongst of flock of 40+. A yellow wagtail flew west calling.

26th August
Cloudy with a light SW wind. 1021mb rising. No sign of the Red-necked Phalarope this morning. The Garganey still present on the UV pools with 5 Swift. A Green Sandpiper heard from the Axe.

25th August
Cloudy but dry with a light SW wind. At Weston STW the Red- necked Phalarope present for its third day. Also a Garganey and a House Martin x Sand Martin hybrid. On the Axe a Yellow Wagtail and a Green Sandpiper. In the stubble fields 30+ Stock Doves were amongst the woodpigeons.

24th August
Over night rain revealing a brighter morning with a SW wind swinging westerly and increasing in strength. At weston stw the moulting adult Red-necked Phalarope still present and showing well on the closest UV pool. A Redstart, Spotted Flycatcher and a couple of Willow Warblers at Uphill (BB). At the Parrett Estuary 18+ Wheatear, 1 Ruff, 3 Common Sandpiper and a Whimbrel.

Photo of Red-necked Phalarope
Red-necked Phalarope more here

23rd August
Increasing cloud and rain in the evening prompted a check on the UV pools which held a Red-necked Phalarope until dusk.

23rd August
Dry bright and calm conditions. 1015mb falling. Off patch at the Parrett Estuary 180 Knot, 1 Black-tailed Godwit, 3 Bar-tailed Godwit, 1 Yellow Wagtail, 2 Wheatear and 2 Common Sandpipers.

22nd August
A rise in barometric pressure to 1015mb brought drier weather with less cloud. A change in wind direction to a light NW brought a small fall of Wheatears to Brean Down with 15+ recorded (per AH). A Fulmar flew alongside the down close in (AH). Also per AH a further 4 Wheatear and a Marsh Harrier along the Axe. At Weston STW a Common Sandpiper, 1 Yellow Wagtail and 3 Great Black-back Gulls were the only birds of note. Wader counts on the falling tide showed typical numbers of 100 Redshank and 2 Dunlin.

20th August
Cloudy with a 13mph Westerly wind. At Sand Bay over high tide 600 Dunlin, 300 Ringed Plover, 4 Knot, 5 Sanderling and a Bar-tailed Godwit.

19th August
Partly cloudy with a 13mph SSW wind. An hour and a half sea watch off Anchor Head this morning produced a Arctic Skua lingering which harrassed a Lesser Black-backed Gull and then sat on the sea after eating the gulls disgorged breakfast. A flock of 6 Whimbrel flew south followed an hour later by 4 Grey Plover (2 groups of 2).

18th August
Unsettled conditions once again 1012mb. The Garganey still present at Weston STW for its 3rd day. The only other birds of note were 10 Swift, 30 House Martin, 1 Shoveler and several Gadwall. A common sandpiper and and Wheatear on the River Axe.

17th August
Bright and partly cloudy with a 10mph SSW wind 1012mb. Waders roosting in Sand Bay over high tide were 600 Dunlin, 300 Ringed Plover, 30 Knot and 5 Sanderling. The Axe Estuary in contrast produced 8 Black-tailed Godwit, 6 Ringed Plover and 80 Redshank.

16th August
Cloudy with occasional light rain and a 10mph south-easterly wind 1012mb. At Weston STW and River Axe this morning. 1 Garganey, 11 Yellow Wagtail (1 south, 10 on river bank), 2 Wheatear, 2 Willow Warbler, 1 Tree Pipit over, 1 Green Sandpiper, 10 Sand Martin, 15 Swift and 50 House Martin. In the stubble fields, 300 Woodpigeon, 700 Linnet, 10 Stock Dove and 25 Lapwing.

8th August
Cloudy with rain on a southerly wind. At weston stw a flock of 20 snipe flew over the axe bank towards the uv pools. a flock of 14 house martin increased to 60 by mid morning. a sand martin with the house martins. a flock of 700-1,000 linnets in a recently ploughed field.

7th August
Partially cloudy with no rain today and a change in wind direction to the west. Passage of Black-headed gulls dried up with the wind change and the recent Curlew passage drying up with just 2 birds up channel. 1 yellow wagtail and 3 wheatear at sand point and a common sandpiper calling in the bay.

6th August
Cloudy but dry until the evening when light rain came in on a southerly wind. This evening at sand point a noticeable movement of black-headed gulls moving down channel with 100+ witnessed. Only 10 curlew and 2 whimbrel up channel.

5th August
Cloudy with rain and a southerly wind. At Axe Est 8 Black-tailed Godwit, 40 Dunlin, 7 Sanderling, 16 Ringed Plover, 3 Common Sandpiper and a Whimbrel.
At Sand Point this evening a noticeable movement of Curlew up channel in 1's and 2's totaling 41 birds. 7 House Martins lingering over the ancient fort were the first return migrants seen for this species. Also 4 whimbrel with 2 flying up channel. 4 black-tailed godwit roosting in sand bay. a single adult wheatear at the point

3rd August
1112mb falling. A detour to the Parrett Est produced 150 Black-tailed Godwit, 10 Whimbrel, 10 Common Sandpiper and 2 Turnstone. 1 Yellow Wagtail south also.

2nd August
A light westerly wind with rain clearing by mid morning. 1011mb rising. At the River Axe 2 Green Sandpiper, 6 Common Sandpiper, 220 Redshank, 10 Dunlin. Heading south 50+ Swift, 3 Sand Martin and a Turnstone. The adult Mediterranean Gull still present. In Sand Bay 1 Sanderling 80 Dunlin, 10 Ringed Plover, 1 Turnstone and 3 Whimbrel.

1st August
This afternoon an adult Mediterranean Gull and 2 Command Sandpipers present on the River Axe.

31st July
An evening visit to Sand Bay produced 14 Dunlin, 9 Ringed Plover, 1 Turnstone, 1 Whimbrel, 400+ Black-headed Gulls. 2 Wheatear present at Sand Point.

18th July
The recent westerly winds seem to have brought in some waders. On the river Axe 42 Redshank and 5 Dunlin present. On Weston STW UV pools 3 Sand Martin.

16th July
Partly cloudy, 8mph NW wind, 1026mb rising. 10 chiffchaff at sand point. A few swallows flew west out to sea but all returned seemingly not liking the conditions. The juvenile Wheatear still present and a whimbrel heard in the bay.

15th July
A Shoveler present on the UV pools at Weston STW

14th July
Presumably the same juvenile Wheatear was present this evening at Sand Point.

13th July
Clear day with a light westerly wind. 1015mb rising. At sand point new birds in included 1 grey wagtail, 2 pied wagtails, 1 tree pipit, 2 lesser whitethroat. 40 swallow west. 1 whimbrel at the point and 1 up channel.

12th July
Cloudy with a WNW wind, 1011mb rising. 1 Crossbill flew west over sand point at 08:45. 2 Whimbrel. Number of Chiffchaffs increasing with c.10 migrants present. No sign of the Little Gull on Weston STW UV pools this morning.

11th July
The Little Gull still present at Weston STW.

10th July
The imm Little Gull was still present on the UV pools at lunch time today. A flight juvenile Wheatear present at Sand Point this evening.

9th July
A couple of visits to Weston Sewage Works drew a blank with the Garganey but the imm Little Gull was still present in the morning on the UV pools. 2-3 Gadwall and 3 Pochard were present along with a Sand Martin.

8th July
At Weston STW a Garganey and Little Gull (Both found by MSP) on the UV pools this evening. The Little Gull flew towards the River Axe at 9:45 and the Garganey was still present at 10pm in failing light.

6th July
Heavy rain clearing with a SW wind. At the Axe 7 common sandpipers, 3 redshank, 1 lapwing and 570 black headed gulls including 32 juveniles. A distant barn owl hunting until 10am and a southerly passage of Swifts noted. In sand bay 106 curlew, 1 whimbrel and 2 redshank. A few migrant chiffchaffs on sand point. This eveing a Storm Petrel lingering distantly off Anchor Head paddling over rough water between the head and Flat Holm.

3rd July
Partly cloudy with a moderate WSW wind. A late morning visist to the River Axe produced 2 common sandpipers and a sand martin.

2nd July
Mid level cloud with a 12mph SSE wind. 6 Swift present at Sand Point and a westerly movement of Black-headed Gulls was the only migration witnessed. Otherwise, the Grasshopper Warbler continues to sing for a mate in Sand Bay. This evening 260 Black-headed gulls at sand bay included 10 juveniles.

30th June
The Grasshopper Warbler still present in Sand Bay.

29th June
14mph WSW wind and partially cloudy. 80 Manx Shearwater and a Fulmar past Anchor Head in 2.5 hours. 2 Mediterranean Gulls (ringed adult and 1st summer) on the river Axe late morning, also 4 juv Black-headed Gulls. A black-headed gull had a white ring on the left leg below the knee with 2KD5.

28th June
17mph WSW wind. Off Anchor Head between 8:30 and 12:15 - 700 Manx Shearwater, 30 Gannet, 3 Fulmar and a Storm Petrel.

26th June
Clear with a 13mph SW wind. Off Anchor head between 8 and 9 a flock of 103 Manx Shearwater flying up and down a stretch of water before heading off up channel just after 8. At 8:45, 3 Arctic Skuas (1 pale and 2 dark phase) flew together up channel. A Lesser Emperor Dragonfly present at weston sewage works this afternoon by brean cross sluice. One was also seen yesterday along the track in the field east of the sewage works.

25th June
Bright with strong westerly winds. Off anchor head between 1 and 1:30 11 manx shearwater, 2 fulmar and 2 black-headed gulls all heading down channel.

22nd June
Strong westerly winds throughout the day. Per Paul G off Anchor Head 9:30 - 10:40 23 Manx Shearwater, 1 Fulmar, 1 imm Gannet, 1 drake Common Scoter, 1 ad Shag came out of sand bay. Most birds heading down channel.

21st June
Light easterly wind with 100% cloud cover. 300+ Herring/Lesser Black-back Gulls west, 1 Hobby west and the Grasshopper Warbler still reeling in the marsh. 5 Dunlin, 1 Ringed Plover, 150 Black-headed Gulls including the second juvenile of the year following yesterdays bird.

20th June
1 Juvenile Black-headed Gull at Weston STW. Grasshopper Warbler reeling in sand bay marsh and 37 Curlew roosting in the marsh over high tide.

19th June
Bright with a 15mph SW wind. Past Anchor Head in 20 minutes (all I could manage before work) 2 immature Pomarine Skuas (1 light phase and 1 dark phase) flew north together at 8:50. Also 4 immature Gannets north. A sea watch in the evening produced 500+ herring/lesser black-back gulls, 2 gannets and a common scoter. The common scoter I initially thought may have been an eider but examining photos proved not to be the case.

18th June
Cloudy with light rain and a 12mph SW wind. At Anchor Head in less than favourable conditions 12 manx shearwater past with 11 down channel and 1 up channel.

17th June
At Sand Bay this evening a 1st summer Mediterranean Gull with 150 Black-headed Gulls, 33 Curlew, 7 Dunlin and 4 Ringed Plover

16th June
At sand bay on the evening high tide 9 dunlin, 4 ringed plover, 110 black-headed gulls

15th June
Bright sunny day with a light variable wind. Yesterdays passage did not extend to today at sand point with just 8 swift and 2 house martins through. A sea watch proved highly rewarding when PAG spotted an immature light phase Pomarine Skua heading up channel just before 9am. The bird gave good scope views as it flew past at varying heights occasionaly breaking the skyline. At one stage it stopped and circled looking as if it was going to gain height to fly inland but then carried on up river. A passage of black-headed gulls was noted with 2 down river in the morning and 20+ flew in from the east over high tide.

14th June
A warmer day with light variable wind this morning. A surprising influx of migrants at sand point with 130 swift, 10 house martin, 10 swallow, 1 sedge warbler, 1 grasshopper warbler, 2 siskin, 1 crossbill and a wood warbler.

12th June
Cloud, overnight rain and a cool moderate NNE wind. 3 Crossbills north over sand bay this morning.

11th June
High cloud creeping in throughout the morning with a strengthening NNW wind. 5 Ringed Plover and 2 Black-headed Gulls at the Axe Est over high tide. 86 black-headed gulls in sand bay this evening.

10th June
Clear sky with a NE wind changing to NNW in the evening. 3 swift over sand point this morning and 4 sand martin north over sand bay at 9pm this evening.

7th June
clear sunny day with a light W wind. In sand bay a whimbrel present with 7 curlew. 3 dunlin and a ringed plover over high tide in the marsh plus 7 black-headed gulls. At sand point a juvenile coal tit in the car park and 4 collared doves flew out to sea.

6th June
Clear skies with a cool moderate WSW wind. At the axe estuary 11 black-headed gulls were the only migrants noted. At lunchtime sea watch off anchor head produced just 2 swallows, 1 in/off heading east and 1 south.

5th June
cloudy with light rain clearing by 8am and light SE wind. clear out of birds in sand bay with no black-headed gulls or small waders and just 2 curlew. At the axe estuary 4 great-black back gulls (3 ad, 1 3rd summer) and 2 black-headed gulls.

4th June 2nd update. south westerly wind: Sand Bay: 1 whimbrel, 7 curlew, 1 black-headed gull. This evening in sand bay: 1 hobby, 10 dunlin, 1 sanderling, 13 curlew.

3rd June
cloudy with a 13mph westerly. Off Anchor Head between 8am and 9:30am 387 Manx Shearwater, 18 Kittiwake, 4 Fulmar, 2 Gannet and a Great Skua. Most birds heading north but some of the Manx came back south much closer in, also, a flock of 15 kittiwake flew south.

1st June
100% cloud cover, low visibility and a light NE wind. At Sand Point a Red Kite lingered around middle hope early morning. A female/imm type Crossbill circled middle hope calling and landed on the top of the large cone tree by the house briefly before flying east. 10 swallow, 8 swift and a house martin flew up channel.

In the moth trap: Cypress Carpet, Brindled Green, Cabbage Moth.

Red Kite photo Crossbill photo
Red Kite, Crossbill

29th May
Bright sunny cloudless morning with low cloud developing throughout the day and a light northerly wind. A Turtle Dove present in sand bay this afternoon on wires along the road. It then fed in the marsh before flying towards sand point with 2 collared doves. The 2 collared doves flew out to sea west but fortunately the turtle dove came back and landed on wires two fields back, not far from the car park. 2 whimbrel flew high west over sand point. Other vis mig included just 2 swifts and 6 swallows. A spotted flycatcher at brean down was the highlight from this morning.

Photo of Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove

28th May
100% cloud cover with light rain and NE wind. With the weather fronts moving north over the east side of the country it's left the county rather quiet. Despite this, 30 swift headed up channel over sand point along with smaller numbers of swallows. At the axe estuary over high tide 34 black-headed gulls, 1 dunlin and 4 sanderling.

25th May
100% cloud and rain with a 15mph NNE wind. At the Axe Estuary a common tern flew out of the estuary. Waders included 12 ringed plover, 7 dunlin, 1 sanderling and a single curlew. 1 Black-headed Gull on the tideline.

24th May
Mainly cloudy with brisk NW wind. Little migration noted today on Brean Down with 20 house martin, 10 swift and 10 swallow through. A cuckoo near the water reservoir was a recent arrival.

23rd May
Light easterly wind and partly cloudy. At sand point a Crossbill flew up from bushes on the north side of the ancient fort circling and calling whilst gaining height before drifting off. 1 spotted flycatcher came in from the south, 40 house martin, 10 swift and 10 swallow heading up channel and a single fulmar flew down channel. In sand bay 1+ whimbrel, 2 ringed plover and a sanderling.

In the moth trap: 1 Treble Lines, 1 Pale Prominent plus several Bright-line Brown-eye, Common Marbled Carpet, Garden Carpet, Shuttle-shaped Dart.

22nd May
Clear with cloud rolling in after 9am and a light easterlly turning southerly. At the axe estuary 8 ringed plover and 2 dunlin whilst 2 swift, 2 swallow headed north.

21st May
Mainly clear sky and a light easterly wind. At Sand Point 2 spotted flycatchers by the house, 1 reed warbler singing by the clapper gate and a small number of house martins and one or two swallows through. In the bay 25 black-headed gulls, 4 whimbrel and a single dunlin. Last night 3 common terns feeding distantly in the channel.

Highlights of last nights moth trapping included a Poplar Hawkmoth and a Pale Tussock.

18th May
The heavy cloud of the last few days clearing and a 15mph NNE wind. Quieter at Brean Down with a garden warbler, reed warbler both singing from the water reservoir area. Overhead, 80 house martin, 10 swift and 20 swallow. 2 sanderling at the axe estuary where a marsh harrier and 12 whimbrel were reported. Per PG: 200 common tern and 9 gannet up channel.

17th May
Heavy cloud still present with a light NE wind increasing throughout the morning. At Brean Down 1,200 House Martins with 300 lingering west of the trig point mid morning, 100 swift, 150 swallow, 3 spotted flycatcher and a yellow wagtail heard.

16th May
Fall conditions today with stratus cloud forming caused by a low passing through to the south. Unfortunately I was not able to reap the benefits today but did manage 10 mins in sand bay this evening which produced 120 dunlin, 80 ringed plover and 12 sanderling. 3 common terns fed distantly in the bay.

13th May
2nd update. Clear sky with wind picking up to 15mph NE over night. Just 10 swallows through and a migrant collared dove on the east end of the down.
Per AH: Red Kite over St Georges this lunchtime nr the M5 (J21) heading north, also 1 seen at Puxton Park this afternoon.

12th May
Clear morning with a 13mph NE wind. At Brean Down a drake common scoter flying close in to the end of the down but was lost as it flew around to the north side of the down. Passage included 30 swallow and a house martin north.

11th May
clear with a light NE wind and sea fog early morning. At sand point 50 common tern with many seen perching on various driftwood. 7 were seen on one log. 2 arctic tern flew up river. A turnstone was heard at the point plus a tree pipit. A single female wheatear lingering at the point. 1 Redpoll and 1 siskin. 3 whimbrel in the bay and a 4th at the point.

10th May
partially cloudy over night with a light variable wind. Quiet at Brean Down this morning with the highlight being a male Dartford Warbler singing near the trig point early morning. Other sightings included a Tree Pipit over and a single common tern flying north. several wall brown and speckled wood butterflies on the wing.
At sand point per AH: 50 tern sp heading up channel, 12 redpoll near the trig point, 1 wheatear and 3 whimbrel in the bay.

In the moth trap: Powdered Quaker (garden tick), Pale Prominent, Flame shoulder, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Double-striped Pug, Common Pug, Common Quaker and several Brimstone.

8th May
Another clear night with a slightly stronger NE wind. Brean Down seemed rather quiet for passerines until a Savi's Warbler burst into brief song in bushes between the water reservoir and the farm track around 08:30. Otherwise the only noteworthy sightings included a first summer Common Gull in fields along warren road. 12 commic terns lingered distantly off the end of the down in line with steep holm. A tree pipit circled over the east end of the down and a trickle of swifts, swallows and house martins.

7th May
Clear night and 9mph easterly. At sand point this morning 15 Arctic Terns (2 groups of 9 and 6) and a Black Tern flew up river. A flock of 27 Redpolls in bushes above the car park were more than likely Mealy but could not be pinned down on the deck. 13 were seen to fly high east towards clevedon. A cuckoo and a garden warbler present plus 3 singing lesser whitethroats. Other movements in the channel included 4 black-headed gulls, 2 great crested grebes and a sporadic trickle of swifts and all three common hirundines. 3 jackdaws in/off the sea and 5 shelduck moving up channel were noted. 10 Whimbrel in sand bay.

6th May
Bright morning with a light easterly wind. At Brean Down a clearer night brought in some new migrants. 4 Spotted Flycatcher, 1 Wood Warbler, 2 Wheatear and a Tree Pipit present. A grey wagtail was a more unusual flyover.

5th May
low cloud and foggy with a light easterly wind by early to mid morning. With cloud cover all night, passerines looked likely to be thin on the ground so I opted for a sea watch at sand point. Things turned out fine until first a Turtle Dove seen on Brean Down in flight and then a Whiskered Tern at Berrow was seen heading towards Brean Beach. However, sea watching at sand point did produce some good birds with the highlight being a Long-tailed Duck flying up channel. Also recorded moving up channel were 1 arctic skua, 140 common terns, 10 arctic tern, 3 kittiwake, 9 black tern and 50 dunlin. Heading down channel were 4 common scoter, 3 sandwich tern. Good numbers of swift, swallow, house martin and a single sand martin passed through. Other sightings included a hobby over the car park and 6 dunlin and 3 whimbrel in sand bay.
News from yesterday per MSP at Weston STW included a Little-ringed Plover and a hobby. A Marsh Harrier was present here on the 3rd.

4th May
SSE wind high cloud with light rain by mid morning. At brean down this morning 4 yellow wagtail, 4 tree pipit, 6 wheatear, 1 lesser whitethroat and 2 reed warbler excluding 1 in the car park. 50 swift through plus 20 house martin. 2 arctic skuas north.
At Sand Point per PAG: 8 mealy/lesser redpoll, hobby, 4 black tern and 70 common terns.
At Sand Point over low tide 12 Black Tern, 8 arctic tern and 30 commic tern lingering distantly off the point.

3rd May
2nd update. High cloud and a moderate southerly wind. At Brean Down 1 wood warbler, 1 hobby, 3 garden warbler, 150 swift north, 100 swallow, 20 house martin, 4 wheatear, 1 spotted flycatcher, 1 whimbrel, 1 cuckoo.
At sand point this morning per PAG: Gropper, 3 garden warbler, spotted flycatcher, 30 arctic terns, 1 arctic skua. In sand bay 8 wheatear, 2 whinchat.
2 Bee-eaters were in a Bleadon garden today and seen to fly off towards Hutton.
This evening in sand bay 4 whinchat (3 male, 1 female), 5 wheatear and a whimbrel.

2nd May
southerly wind changing to ESE wind. 4 garden warblers singing on brean down. also, 1 wheatear, 1 lesser whitethroat and a trickle west of swallows and the odd house martin.

1st May
At Weston STW this evening 500 Swallow, 1 swift and the odd sand martin gathered over the wildfowl lagoons, a short-eared owl hunting along the bank of the axe and a peregrine chasing noctule bats.

30th April
Cloudy with light wind. A sea watch off Anchor Head produced 4 Gannets and 2 Whimbrel all heading north. A good stream of gulls could be seen heading off brean down to steep holm and then on to flat holm.

29th April
Cloud overnight developing into light rain by morning and a light southerly wind. At Brean Down 2 Wheatear were the only grounded migrants whilst 3 swift through and several swallow and a few house martin went over at high altitude.

28th April
14mph SW wind. Quiet at Brean Down this morning. 1 Ring Ouzel calling from a hawthorn on the track below the water reservoir. 1 Tree Pipit near the fort. 2 swift and a steady trickle of hirundines west. 1 grey heron in/off the sea headed east over the down.

27th April
8mph southerly wind and high cloud. sea fog developed mid morning. At Brean Down a Cattle Egret was present until 06:40 when it flew off with 3 little egrets. 5 Swift, 150 swallow, 2 yellow wagtail and 4 tree pipits went through. Grounded migrants included 12 wheatear, 2 grasshopper warblers, a male pied flycatcher, 1 garden warbler, 1 redpoll and a siskin. 1 whimbrel flew south.
Per AH at Sand Point: a female Redstart, 2 Blackcap, 4 Redpoll, a Cuckoo, Lesser Whitethroat, Common Sandpiper, 2 Ravens heading south being dive bombed by a peregrine, plenty of swallows, 4 House Martin.  Several Chiffchaff singing, & a single Willow Warbler

26th April
12mph southerly wind with high cloud. At Brean Down 300 Swallow, 5 House Martin, 20 Sand Martin, 1 Swift over. 3 Redpoll on the down, 5 tree pipit with 3 together circling the fort at one stage, 25 whitethroat, 3 grasshopper warbler, 1 male pied flycatcher, 1 male redstart, 1 yellow wagtail, 1 lesser whitethroat and 6 wheatear on the down. 23 whimbrel over including a flock of 21 north. 2 sedge warbler singing 1 on the saddle and 1 along the track to the farm heard. A Hobby came in high from the south east and plumeted down to have a go at a bird later seen heading out to sea over the fort. A dark phase arctic skua harrasing gulls later headed north (per RMu) and a gannet over the sea. There was also a noticeable influx of Blackcaps over the down.

23rd April
2nd update Clear with a 10mph W wind. Gull passage resumed again with the wind change. 1,500+ Herring and Lesser Black-back Gulls flew west over Brean Down in the space of an hour and three quaters with groups varying from 30 to 200. The ratio was around 70:30 in the Herring favour. Elsewhere on Brean the two Grasshopper Warblers were joined by a third which showed well briefly on the track below the water reservoir. 5 wheatears scattered over the top and 3 Tree Pipits over. A handfull of Swallows and a House Martin moving west over the down.
At weston stw this evening 3 short-eared owls, 1 lesser whitethroat and several whimbrel. A small group of sand martins reeling over the wildfowl lagoons in pre-roost display. A Noctule Bat also over the wildfowl lagoons.

22nd April
3rd update Cloudy with a 13mph NE wind. At Brean Down the Ring Ouzel present for its third day, yesterdays Grasshopper Warbler was replaced with 2 new birds. 8 whitethroat, 3 wheatear were also new in. Vis mig heading north 2 whimbrel, 200 Goldfinch, 100 Meadow Pipit, 50 Linnet and 3 Siskin. Swallow passage just starting to pick up as I was leaving by which time c.60 had gone through.
At Weston STW 4 singing Sedge Warblers and a singing Reed Warbler new in. Also 2 Whitethroats new in. Several Swallows and Sand Martins moving through. On the river axe 5 whimbrel present and 6 Black-headed Gulls north along weston beach.
At Sand Bay this evening a male Redstart (my first sand bay record), 1 whinchat, 10 wheatear, 16 whimbrel, 1 ringed plover, 5 dunlin.

21st April
2nd update 18mph NE wind and light rain. A quieter morning at Brean Down by comparison 1 Ring Ouzel, 1 Whimbrel, 1 Grasshopper Warbler, 1 Whitethroat and a handfull of Swallows, House Martins and Sand Martins through.
At Sand Bay this evening 155 Dunlin, 35 Ringed Plover and 2 Sanderling on the beach. 10 Wheatear and 2 Whinchat at the top of the beach. In the marsh at least 4 whimbrel could be made out before light failed.

20th April
14mph NE wind with fog. At Brean Down 5 Ring Ouzel, 150+ Willow Warbler, 5 Redstart, 3 Tree Pipit, 20 Whimbrel, 1 Grasshopper Warbler, 2 Yellow Wagtail, 6 Whitethroat, 3 Whinchat, 1 Pied Flycatcher, 20 Wheatear. Overhead 2,000 Swallow, 100 Sand Martin and 10 House Martin through. A Yellowhammer feeding at the top of the steps was unexpected. 100+ Goldfinch, 20 Meadow Pipit and a Redpoll through.
Per AH at Sand Point: 3 Whitethroat, 1 reeling Grasshopper Warbler, 2 Sand Martin, 3 Whimbrel at the point & 5 over heading north, 2 White Wagtail briefly at Swallow Cliff, & a steady trickle of Swallows along the point probably in the region of 100 birds.

Photo of Pied Flycatcher
Pied Flycatcher

19th April
1 Ring Ouzel at Crook Peak this morning plus a Wheatear and a Swallow through.

17th April
2nd update cloudy with a 10mph ENE wind. A good mornings passage at Brean Down with some interesting birds seen: 1 Fieldfare east, 2 Redpoll in/off the sea and landed between the saddle and the trig point, 1 middle eastern race of Swallow north showing very distinctive red underwing coverts and reddish breast, 20 swallow north, 6 sand martin north, 2 yellow wagtail north, 5 tree pipit, 1 whitethroat, 1 wheatear, 55 meadow pipit north, 2 siskin east, single figures of chiffchaff, willow warbler, pied/white wagtail moving through.

At Uphill per AH: 1 Ring Ouzel on west facing slopes briefly before flying towards Brean Down and 4 Common Sandpipers at Brean Sluice.

16th April
2nd update Clear sky and 6mph E wind with pre dawn rain (judging by the wet roads). At Brean Down 50 willow warbler, 7 wheatear, 5 tree pipits, 3 redstart, 2 grasshopper warblers, 2 white wagtails and a whitethroat. A female Black Redstart had tagged on to a group of wheatears and was feeding with them between the saddle and the trig point. Also c.15 Blackcaps and a handfull of chiffchaffs present. 15 sand martins, 1 house martin and 2 swallows.

At Sand Point per AH: 3-4 male redstarts, 1 grasshopper warbler, 2 blackcaps, c.30 chiffchaff/willow warbler, great spotted woodpecker in from the west, 20 swallow, 1 house martin, 6 sand martin and a wheatear near the point.

15th April
Light variable wind this morning and clear sky. A quiet morning at Brean Down with 1 Merlin at the fort, 2 Tree Pipits and just 2 swallows through. A Redpoll flew out to sea over the fort.

14th April
8mph NW wind. At Brean Down a Marsh Harrier flew north over the first hump having seemingly flown along Berrow and Brean, the first Whitethroat heard singing at Fiddlers Point. Vis mig moving west included 75 Goldfinch, 40 Linnet, 20 Meadow Pipit, 25 Swallow, 1 House Martin.

13th April
8mph SW wind. At Brean Down this morning, 1 Yellow Wagtail over calling, 1 Grasshopper warber seen flitting along by the path not far from the fort, 5 Tree Pipit (4 west and 1 perched), 120 Swallow west, 60 House Martin west, 10 Sand Martin west. Also 40 Willow Warbler (c.25 by Brean Down Farm flycatching over the flooded area. A small influx of Blackcaps c.15, 5 chiffchaff were the only other summer migrants. Other passage included 60 goldfinch west, 20 linnet west, 1 grey heron west, 1 great spotted woodpecker west and 3 Blue Tits behaving like recent migrants. A Redpoll was lingering around Brean Down Farm. Passage of Herring and Lesser Black-back Gulls numbered close to 1,000 moving west.

9th April
Another quiet day on Brean Down with a single male wheatear, my first House Martin of the year, a redpoll and 6 swallow through. A handfull of willow warblers, chiffchaffs and blackcaps on the down.

8th April
7mph SSE wind. On Brean in arctic conditions: 1 Tree Pipit circling over the fort, 1 flighty female Wheatear at the fort, small numbers of Blackcap, Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff. A stock Dove east and just 2 Swallows through.

7th April
8mph westerly wind. At weston stw 190 redshank over high tide along with a common sandpiper and spotted redshank. several swallow and sand martins hawking over the river at high tide.

6th April
Cold northerly wind with pre-dawn snow/sleet/rain. Very little migration over brean down this morning with just a single flock of 30 meadow pipits, 2 swallows and a siskin. Grounded migrants included a male Redstart, Wheatear and a willow warbler. At weston stw a male redstart present along with a dozen sand martins and a couple of swallows. Single figures of willow warblers and chiffchaffs also present.

5th April
Heading into the cold Northerly wind at Brean Down: 200 sand martin, 100 swallow, 110 goldfinch, 1 siskin, 3 grey heron, 90 meadow pipit.

3rd April
7mph NW wind. A good steady passage of several species heading north over brean down this morning:
180 Meadow Pipits (in groups of c.10)
75 Goldfinch (in groups of 5 - 10)
20 Linnet
30 Sand Martin
5 Swallow
1 White Wagtail
1 Skylark
Heading west over the down were 200 lesser black-back gulls and 150 herring gulls.
Also, a Blackcap and Willow Warbler heard singing. The Black Redstart was still present in the car park.
At weston stw the Spotted Redshank and Common Sandpiper were still present this evening.

2nd April
Foggy with a moderate westerly wind. 100 sand martin and 20 swallow at weston stw.

1st April
18mph WSW winds this morning. A 40 minute sea watch at anchor head produced 700 lesser black-back gulls: 600 west, 100 south. 100 herring gulls west. A swallow north over the beach lawns. Similar numbers of gulls were coming off the mendips and heading west over brean down.
Per AH at Weston STW this morning: 1 short-eared owl, 1 spotted redshank showing some summer plumage, 1 swallow, 1 sand martin and several chiffchaff.

31st March
8mph easterly winds and clear sky. A brief search at Brean Down produced a male Redstart at the saddle, 1 willow warbler, 5 wheatear and 25 chiffchaff. Also 10 meadow pipits.

25th March
A short-eared owl flushed by a dog walker wandering in the saltmarsh this morning at weston stw.

15th March
Cloudy, 12mph SE wind and light rain from mid morning. At Brean Down 30 chiffchaff spread over the east half of the down, 16 sand martin north (in 2 groups of 7 and 8 plus a single mid morning), 3 wheatear (2 male plus a female), 2 siskin south, 4 skylark, 20 meadow pipit. The female Black Redstart still present in the cove.

In the moth trap an Early Thorn and a Diurnea fagella on the house wall this morning.

13th March
Cloudy with a 12mph westerly. A rather splendid looking adult summer Meditteranean Gull with Black-headed Gulls before flying off towards Berrow.

12th March
Past anchor head in a 45 minute sea watch: 1 adult kittiwake S, 3 curlew N and a group of a dozen small waders north. At the axe estuary 1,000+ gulls heading west into the high winds consisting of approximately 600 herring gulls, 250 black-headed gulls, 150 lesser black-backed gulls and 50 common gulls. At lunch time a first winter Little Gull was with the black-headed gulls at the mouth of the axe estuary.

11th March
A 2nd winter Mediterranean Gull in sand bay then flew south with black-headed gulls. 11 Stonechats in the sand bay marsh plus 16 rock pipits and a water rail pushed out by the high tide.

10th March
A Common Sandpiper at Brean Cross Sluice

9th March
Bright with occasional light showers and 8mph westerly wind. The Spotted Redshank still on the river axe. At Brean Down, a male Black Redstart at the fort, 13 Stonechats and 3 migrant meadow pipits.

1st March
Windy (up to 33mph) over night dropped by morning. 18 Gannets north past Anchor Head at 8:45 in one group.

29th February
Avocet in Woodspring Bay spotted by the Clevedon team.

28th February
2 Short-eared Owls still present around Weston STW.

27th February
clear day with light WSW wind. Firecrest, 6 Brambling and a Blackcap in Grove Park this lunch time (MSP)

26th Feburayr
cloudy with 17mph SW wind. My first summer migrant this morning was a singing male chiffchaff in the pine trees on the corner of oldmixon crescent. Passage of gulls this morning over weston stw with a 6:4 ratio of black-headed and herring gulls in the black-headed gulls favour and herring gulls outnumbered lesser black-back gulls by 4:1. No common gulls noted going through.

24th February
Rather heavy cloud and a moderate WSW wind. A scan over the river axe over high tide produced 250+ Redshank, 200+ Dunlin, 1 Spotted Redshank and a Common Sandpiper at the sluice. Since the change in weather the gull passage has picked up again and many black-headed, common and herring gulls passing through with smaller numbers of lesser black-back gulls. 2 great black-back gulls also on the banks with the roosting gulls. At the axe estuary 50+ golden plover and good numbers of lapwing present. 5 Purple Sandpipers at Anchor Head over high tide.

In the moth trap a Hebrew Character

16th February
Clear sky with a 12mph ENE wind. A drake Pintail was amongst 15 Mallard at the point. The Merlin was still present as was the Siskin which was heard calling near the toilet block.

13th February
Clear sky fog and a light easterly wind. At Sand Point a Brambling and Lesser Redpoll came in from sand bay together and headed towards the point presumably heading straight out to sea as they were not seen or heard again.
Yesterday, 2 Short-eared Owls were at Brean Cross Sluice (AH).

12th February
Clear sky and a light easterly wind. The Merlin still present lingering around the point. little migration of note with just a trickle of lesser black-backs in/off the sea from the welsh coast heading east and a couple of grounded meadow pipits. 5 purple sandpipers remain in residence at anchor head.

10th February
Clear sky and a light easterly wind. Little of interest today. 5 Stonechats (4 male and 1 female) on sand point and a siskin lingering over the car park. At weston stw even less noteworthy news with a flock of 25 migrant meadow pipits on the axe bank being the highlight.
I had a call from Secret World this afternoon to say that the Tawny Owl is doing well and is hoped to be released soon.

9th February
Clear sky and a light southerly wind. A male Merlin flew towards the point but could not be relocated. A large pipit was seen circling swallow cliff which was initially identified as a Richards Pipit until I realised that the calls were in fact coming from a migrant House Sparrow. Other passage consisted of Black-headed, Herring and Lesser Black-backed Gulls all heading south-west plus some migrant skylarks, meadow pipits and single brambling and siskin. Event of the day however was the dramatic rescue of a Tawny Owl that had become tangled in a kite string in the car park. A male Goshawk was again over Worle Hill. It seems possible that this bird may be in residence in Weston. Click on the link for the Tawny Owl Rescue

16th January
8mph southerly wind. Little migration of note at sand point with a trickle of black-headed gulls, 3 curlew and a siskin in off the sea from the north.

14th January
18mph SSW and cloudy. A brief visit to the Axe est this morning. Teal numbers up to 385. Also 200 curlew and 200 lapwing present.

13th January
cloudy with light rain and strong southerly wind. imm/female Black Redstart in the car park at Brean Down this morning. A movement of gulls noted this morning with a trickle of black-headed gulls moving south along the river axe. amongst them smaller numbers of herring and common gulls plus a single lesser black-backed gull.

12th January
Goshawk over worle mid morning (PAG)

11th January
A leucistic Common Gull in fields between Wick and Berrow this morning. At first glance it looked like a white-winged gull but close inspection revealed its true identity. 2 Short-eared Owls at weston sewage works.

7th January
1 Fulmar south past Anchor Head in an hours search this morning.

6th January
2 Jack Snipe, 1 Water Pipit and a Merlin in Sand Bay marsh this morning. The Water Pipit looked like the same bird as last month which again avoided having its photo taken. The Merlin looked like the same bird as last month being a very small bird with a fresh looking all brown plumage, perhaps an immature male.

3rd January
5 Short-eared Owls together at Brean Cross Sluice this afternoon (MSP).

1st January
At the axe 1 spotted redshank, 1 merlin. 6 purple sandpiper at anchor head. 38 grey plover and a knot in sand bay.

Moths: 1 dark chestnut, 3 light brown apple moth.