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2006 records cut and pasted from the forum:

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1 Spotted Redshank, 1 Common Sandpiper and a Kingfisher on R.Axe

5 purple sandpipers at birnbeck high tide roost

In the bay:
40 snipe
1 jack snipe
2 short-eared owl
15 reed bunting

also at Sand Point:
1 dartford warbler on the south slope nr swallow cliff
3 redpoll low south
2 great black-backed gulls east past middle hope

At Woodspring bay:
4 golden plover in with 300+ lapwing
1 turnstone
1 chiffchaff at the STW
also recorded:
1 spotted redshank + a merlin on the clevedon side

Report of a Little Owl at Uphill quarry present for the last few weeks, also a water pipit recently.

Uphill and Weston STW:
Little Owl in the quarry
Water pipit in the saltmarsh infront of the ex burnt out hide
12 Partridges, Merlin, Kingfisher, Grey Wagtail, common ducks.
Only Dunlin, Oycs and Curlews on the Axe on the rising tide.

1 Common sandpiper on river axe

worlebury hill:
150 chaffinch, 4 bullfinch, 1 raven

2 nuthatch and 3 great spotted woodpecker at weston wood.

12mph southerly wind
sand point:
70 curlew in off the sea from the north east in 3 groups
a trickle of herring and lesser black back gulls south
4 swans (prob mute) up channel

Yeo est:
1 golden plover, 30 grey plover, 1 chiffchaff

weston bay gull roost:
1600 black headed gull, 150 common gull.

At River Axe
5 Goosander (2 drakes)
4 Green Sandpipers
3 Tufted duck
1 Little Grebe.

very little around this morning:
1 short-eared owl in sand bay.
couldn't relocate the dartford warbler nr the point
very quiet out to sea. just a few gulls passing through

350 Dunlin on weston beach

Numbers of Purple sandpiper back up to 6
1 great black back gull on birnbeck pier
also 350 dunlin and 15 ringed plover on weston beach.

now 7 purple sandpipers at birnbeck high tide roost.
great black back gull still hanging around the pier.
200 dunlin on weston beach with 10 ringed plover
200 dunlin roosting on black rock.
peregrine on shingle ridge at axe est. also there yesterday. probably eyeing up tomorrows breakfast, a nice fat Teal!

male tawny owl hooting in ashcombe park this evening

1 merlin sand bay
2 short eared owl sand bay
25 grey plover sand bay
a party of 6 raven over the point and then drifted east
1 chiffchaff along bottom track on south side

Yeo Est:
2 Chiffchaffs on that dung heap behind the sea wall
2 Merlins together
2 Raven, 6 Tufties, Cetti's warbler singing, 2 Shoveler
No Grey Plover (all in Sand Bay I see!), Godwits, Knot, or Pintail

Uphill area:
Brambling calling behind the boatyard
Usual ducks including c5 Gadwall, no Little Owl, a Peregrine over.
1 Bar-tailed Godwit on the rising tide, plus lots of Redshank, Dunlin, Lapwing, 3 Little Egrets and a few Curlew.

Weston STW:
1 spotted redshank.
1 water pipit on bank of r.axe nr stw
82 mute swan off accomadation road

The Bar-tailed Godwit still present at lunch time today.

50 rock pipits on the marsh edge this morning including a group of 30 in the air together at one stage. also 20 skylark and 5 reed bunting.
very little on the point. 1 bullfinch and 3 song thrush were all that could be found.

increase in wildfowl today at weston stw:
114 mutes off accomodation road
40 Gadwall
20 pochard
40 wigeon
20 coot
20 shoveler
also 20+ skylark on r.axe banks

1-2 yellow-legged gulls in the weston bay roost this afternoon. first one i had straight away and then found another or the same an hour later. herring and black-headed gull numbers down on yesterday. plenty of common gulls. i counted 100 before the flocks started to arrive. also 220 dunlin on weston beach.
rob laughton had the bar-tailed godwit and a male merlin today.

Weston STW:
4 Bullfinch all females feeding together. They looked to be feeding on newly developed buds. Also 1 Goldcrest.
On the pools:
60 Coot, 15 Gadwall, 50 Wigeon, 25 Pochard, 15 Shoveler, 10 Tufties.
1 Water Pipit on r.axe bank nr uv pools.

in the weston bay gull roost:
1400 black headed gulls and 150+ common gulls by 4:30PM

Weston bay.
2000 black headed gulls in the roost this evening. one bird present and also seen yesterday has virtually all white wing tips looking like a med. also 200 common gulls.
1 barn owl hunting around the edges of the old tip this evening illuminated by the street lights.

Weston STW:
1 Water Rail on ice on the uv pools. Unfortunately the bird was backlit and the glare on the water didn't help.
An increase in duck numbers. Wigeon up to 130 and Shoveler up to 30.

Sand Bay:
3 Short-eared Owls and several gulls feeding on voles exposed by this mornings high tide.
Also 2 Water Rails pushed out the the marsh. 1 Flew out of the marsh and into brambles nr an air raid shelter.
Waders: 70 Redshank, 80 Curlew


Axe Est
3 Bar-tailed Godwits
1 drake shoveler
2 Great black back Gulls

Weston Bay
1 Great Crested Grebe just off the shoreline
500 Dunlin
20 Ringed Plover

Bar-tailed Godwit

Weston Bay:
500 Dunlin
20 Ringed Plover
7 Knot
3 Bar-tailed Godwit

Woodspring Bay:
Half a dozen grey plover in the bay
1 spotted redshank at the yeo
in the wsl stw: 7 shoveler, 10 tufties, 1 water rail, 1 cettis warbler, 4 little grebe, 1 pochard

Weston Bay:
1,850 Dunlin
40 Ringed Plover
4 Purple Sandpiper
2 peregrine

3 Green Sandpipers on the axe
1 female Goosander on the axe
3 Black-tailed Godwit on the axe
130 Wigeon on axe and wildfowl lagoons
1 Bar-tailed Godwit Axe Est.

1 Barn Owl this evening perched in trees half way along the dual carriageway at 8:35PM. The trees border the old tip on the opposite side of the carriageway to Hutton Moor playing fields.

6 purple sandpipers feeding on tideline at low tide off birnbeck.
25 Golden Plover on mud flats are mouth of Axe before being pushed off by high tide and then flew inland.
1 Merlin which i think was a male perched on shingle ridge.

Barn Owl seen in flight over Weston old tip from moving car at 7.50pm approx. opposite Travel Inn.

adult yellow-legged gull coming to bread this evening on weston beach. the gulls were spread out in the roost this evening between the pier and uphill beach.

Wing tagged Great Bustard at Bleadon level with 120 Mute Swans this lunch time. Found by Richard Mielcarek. Julian T has confirmed that Orange tag 15 is the same one that was seen between Weston Zoyland and Middlezoy on 22nd January. Orange means the bird is from a 2004 introduction.
Great Bustard

still 6 Purple Sandpipers on rocks nr Birnbeck Pier
3 Knot roosing on mudflats on uphill beach
1 black-tailed godwit Axe Est

At Sand Bay/Point this morning:
1000 Dunlin
2 Knot
44 Grey Plover
182 Herring/Lesser Black-backs west this morning over Sand Point. Ratio 70:30 in the Herring Gull favour. Drifting through in groups of 3 - 10.
1 Chiffchaff calling nr toilet block.
1 Mistle Thrush in fields adjacent to car park

Moulting adult Med Gull roosting on Sand Bay mud flats until mid morning at least. Found by Paul G earlier this morning.
Also 6 Purple Sandpipers still present and the Great Bustard still present with 120 Mute Swans mid morning until it was flushed by a dog walker and flew towards Berrow.
Saw my first butterfly this lunchtime flying past my house, but by the time i got outside it had dissappeared so not sure which species it was.

Male Black Redstart in car park of Madeira Court this morning. Initially seen under a car but then watched at the entrance of the court near a bed with 3 palm trees.
Number of Purple Sandpipers has increased to 7 this morning.

male black redstart still in car park of madeira court by the three palm trees this morning.
2 adult Gannets together seen flying north past birnbeck towards sand point
1 Fulmar seen flying north past birnbeck towards sand point.

At Weston Bay a 1st winter Med Gull coming to bread this evening. Also still around 1,000 black headed gulls, 150 common gulls, 200 herring gulls and 100 lesser black back gulls
Meditarranean Gull

male Black Redstart still present although not in the same area. It was present on rooftops nr manilla crescent.
6 Short-eared Owls in Sand Bay.
At Sand Bay a female type merlin, 1 kestrel, 19 reed bunts, 3 stonechat and 30+ ripits
At Weston STW 1 common sand there, 1 male peregrine, 2 raven. No grey parts in the stubble but a flock of 42 skylarks and a stonechat.
Great Bustard still with mute swans

male Black Redstart still at Madeira Court
1 Purple Sandpiper at birnbeck
2 Green Sandpiper on river axe.
400 Dunlin weston bay
10 ringed plover weston bay
Black Redstart

The current north and easterly winds seem to be non productive at the moment. Recorded:
30 Rock Pipits in marsh
1 Short-eared Owl in marsh
1 fem type Merlin on rocks nr point

3 Purple sandpipers off birnbeck
1 male Black Redstart still at madeira court
1 male blackcap at madeira court
136 mute swans at bleadon level
1 great bustard at bleadon level
1 green sandpiper on river axe
60 fieldfare weston stw
1 barn owl weston stw
7+ stock dove weston stw
6 grey plover sand bay
Barn Owl

Weston bay gulls roost this evening produced 1 moutling adult med gull coming to bread. Also 3,000 black-headed gulls
Meditarranean Gull

5 Bewicks Swans in field opposite model racing club. 3 adults and 2 immatures.
Bewicks Swan


This mornings high tide covered the whole marsh in sand bay:
30 Snipe
1 water rail
2 short-eared owls

The Black-headed Gull seen on Weston Beach on 21st Feb with a metal ring has been identified as having a polish ring. The exact location in poland is still being looked in to.

at weston stw:
1 male merlin
30 golden plover flying around fields on somerset side
1 chiffchaff in rhynes nr stw
no sign of any bewicks in mute flock by 9:00AM

Sand Bay (marsh) at high tide today.
1 Short Eared Owl. 2 Merlin, 20 curlew, 2 Snipe,usual other waders and duck.
Birnbeck,5 Purple Sandpipers

Beautiful morning, bright but cold.
Not much on the Point, a Chiffchaff and a female Stonechat the only noteable exeptions.
In the saltmarsh:
100+ Curlew
100 Shelduck
70 Redshank
50 Dunlin
4 Snipe
2 Short-eared Owls

Unsuccessful with this mornings sea watch from birnbeck. 7:05 - 8:30 produced nothing. 10:40 - 11:40 produced 1 Kittiwake flying north at 10:45.
moulting adult Med Gull roosting with black-headed gulls at uphill this evening.

Spent a lot of this morning looking for Wheatears after the ideal conditions during the night and into the morning. Some should have been recorded on the south coast today.
At sand point:
3 alba wagtails north. 1 looked and sounded like a white wagtail
33 meadow pipits north
9 stock dove north then came back and landed in trees briefly before flying north again.
An impressive flock of 14 Raven between swallow cliff and the trig. They were initially perched and then drifted towards middle hope where at least 5 were still present late morning.
2,000 Starling in fields between woodspring priory and sand bay.
1 grey plover in sand bay
Weston STW:
2 Great-crested grebes on UV pools
1 black-tailed godwit on river axe.
Great Bustard still present at Bleadon Level

12mph southerly winds and high cloud cover.
Quiet this morning at Uphill. I did notice a trickle of Black-headed Gulls moving south. There have also been movements of black-headed gulls moving south on the south coast.

9mph southerly wind.
At uphill this morning:
1 female Goosander in/off the sea and flew strongly south-east up the river axe
4 Stock dove east
5 Greenfinch east
1 Knot appeared to be a new arrival coming in from the west and landing with Oystercatchers on the mud flats.
The Polish ringed Black-headed gull still present this morning.

This evenings high tide at Uphill:
7 Golden Plover pushed off the mud flats by the incoming tide and flew towards brean.
1 probable adult yellow-legged gull:
Yellow Legged Gull

Weston STW:
2 Ruddy Ducks at the UV pools are new in today
the number of Pochard are significantly down. Yesterday 22, today only about half a dozen.
50 Wigeon on wildfowl lagoons
c.10 shoveler
also small numbers of Gadwall, Little Grebe, Coot, Tufted Duck
No sign of any Garganey yet.......

1 Bar-tailed Godwit Axe Est
5 Black-tailed Godwit River Axe
2 Ruddy Duck STW UV pools
Great Bustard still on Bleadon Level

Too cold for much! Saturday's high tide at the Axe, 1 Bar-tailed Godwit on Black Rock with the Oycs. Female Ruddy Duck on the UV pool, c30 Shoveler, only a few Tufties and Pochard.

Sunday's high tide in Sand Bay, 1 Ringed Plover, c30 Dunlin. Siskin over the house. Barwit on the beach at Uphill mid afternoon. Met a group of birders who had been up to the STW, who reported very little except a few Blactwits and usual duck (no Goldeneyes! Just thought I'd ask specifically)

6 Blackwits this morning. 2 are showing head and body moult of summer plumage. They appear to be the race Limosa.
2 Ruddy Duck on UV pools.

1 sand martin over UV pools briefly this morning
2 Ruddy duck on UV pools
5 black-tailed godwit (3 UV and 2 on r.Axe)
1 spotted redshank at brean cross sluice
Spotted Redshank

At sand point this morning:

1 Chiffchaff singing by the toilet block
5 Stonechat in sand bay
40 meadow pipit east
several gulls moving east: 45 lesser black-backed gulls, 3 herring, 1 great black-backed gull
8 alba wagtails east
1 mute swan swimming around the south side of the point.

At sand point this morning:
1 Yellowhammer calling in sand bay
3 Siskin east
7 Bullfinch (6 in car park and 1 in/off the sea from the NW)
30 Meadow Pipit east
1 imm Mute Swan still present at the point
3 alba wagtails through 2 east and 1 in from the north and landed on middle hope.

Movement of gulls over sand point this morning. Between 7:45 and 9:00:

385 Lesser black-backed gulls west
67 Herring gulls west
11 Black-headed gulls west
1 Common Gull west

Meadow Pipit passage dried up with only 6 moving east

At mid day:
1 Ruddy Duck on UV pools
6 Black-tailed Godwits on UV pools
104 Wigeon on Axe and wildfowl lagoons
70 Dunlin Uphill beach

Sand Point was pretty quiet, the Mute Swan was on the the mud flats, the path up the side had a couple of Chiffchaffs flitting about. There was a constant stream of LBB Gulls overhead, but the best sighting was 2 Sandwich Terns flying SW close in passed the point at 07:30.

A White Stork has appeared in a field off the road to Brean at ST323544.

At Weston STW:
1 Common sandpiper nr brean cross sluice
2 Ruddy duck UV pools
6 Black-tailed Godwit on UV pools
30 Tufties on UV pools

At sand point mid morning to lunch time:
1 Chiffchaff
2 wheatear on middle hope
9 gannet flew past brean. I managed to relocate 5 flying up channel distantly towards clevedon
White Stork

The white stork flew off to roost at 6:40 and appeared to land in the grounds of the cider farm shop.
A Woodcock flew across accomodation road by the model racing track at around 6:50.

On Sand Point:
1,700 Lesser black-backed gulls west
400 herring gulls west
5 common gulls west
1 great black-backed gulls west
2 yellowhammers south
30 chaffinch south
2 bullfinch in/off sea from welsh coast and landed on middle hope
17 linnet west
16 Meadow pipit through
2 stock dove NW

The White Stork still present and was on the Avon side of the border mid morning with the bustard and mute swans.

1 Yellow Brimstone at Bleadon mid-day.

1 Great Crested Grebe on the River Axe by the forge
3 Egyptian Geese flew up from pools somewhere beyond the Cider farm at 4:00, when tons of stuff was flushed by something (Osprey?), and flew north over the railway bridge near the forge, over Bleadon Level and kept going. An unexpected Avon, OS map and Weston tick! Unfortunately the Stork went the other way and landed in the ditch that runs south from Wick Farm.

White Stork still present at 9:15 this morning in fields west of the cider farm shop.
Great Bustard still present also.
At Sand Point this morning:
1,000 Lesser black-backed Gulls
150 Herring Gulls
1 Common Gull
1 Great Black-backed Gull
1 House Martin over middle hope
several passerines high flying north east were unable to be indentified.
1 Chiffchaff around nr the house singing.

2 Swallows north off birnbeck mid afternoon.

A good moring in a 13mph south westerly wind. Between 7:30 and 8:45:
2 Common Scoter. 1 male and 1 female flew down channel at quarter distance and got level with the trig before turning round and flying upchannel again.
2 Willow Warbler. Both birds at the point. 1 flew towards swallow cliff and the other went into a bramble bush presumably to roost.
3 Swallow through
1 male Wheatear on middle hope (per a dog walker)
3 Siskin west
passerines moving west:
70 Goldfinch
60 meadow pipit
50 chaffinch
5 Linnet
8 Bullfinch (a group of 3 and a group of 5 + at least 4 grounded)
45 Greenfinch
Also hundreds of Lesser black-backed gulls and herring gulls moving west.
Other migrants moving North west:
45 Woodpigeon
2 Golden Plover
7 Stock Dove

Couldn't find the Stork in 2 visits this morning. Also could not find the Great Bustard although there are 13 Golden Plover in the field with the mute swans.
2 Greylag Geese in a flooded field along the back track to Weston STW.
Greylag Goose

the stork was still there this morning, per Andy & Wendy Slade. Usual place.

2 Sandwich Terns roosting on Black Rock over this evenings high tide.

1 Firecrest seen nr trig point. I was unable to relocate in a brief search at 9:15
1 female wheatear on middle hope
1 sand/house martin high south
2 swallow west over the trig
c.100 passerines high west. was unable to id due to height
3+ chiffchaff
8 bullfinch 6 by car park and 2 nr trig
steady passage of lbbgulls and herring gulls
1 siskin west
Yesterdays coal tit turned out to be a great tit with a coal tit like call.

Middle Hope Nature Res: 
4 Chiffchaff,
1 Willow Warbler,
2 Kestrel and a nice male Sparrowhawk sat up in the sun.
On top: 3 Wheatear

Plenty of activity from common species also a lot of insects.

Still some golden plover in the bustard field but no bustard and very few swans c.10.

At Sand Point:
9 Wheatear on middle hope
2 Sand Martin west
2 Siskin west
1,000+ Gulls west mainly lesser black-back with a smaller number of herring and a 1 second winter Common Gull.
Small passage of passerines west including 25 Chaffinch, 30 Meadow Pipit and smaller numbers of alba wags, greenfinch, goldfinch.

Last night a Barn Owl was hunting in the area of last years Woodchat Shrike.

Winds more westerly than on previous days at 13mph
At sand point:
6 Chiffchaff (2 on middle hope)
2 Wheatear on middle hope
50 meadow pipits west
15 chaffinch west
1 swallow north
1 yellowhammer west over middle hope
less gulls west than yesterday but still a steady trickle.

A Weston STW:
66 Mute Swans at Bleadon Level
7 Golden Plover with the Mute Swans. At least one of the birds is starting to show the black belly.
22 Mute Swans on the UV pools. One has a yellow ring on the right leg.
1 Ruddy Duck on UV pools
4-5 Black-tailed godwits


light westerly wind at 10mph and good visibility.
At sand point this morning:
13 Swallow north
2 House Martin north
2 Sand Martin north
6 Chiffchaff (4 at the east end of middle hope)
4 Wheatear on middle hope (1 bird was present yesterday)
1 Blackcap singing nr the toilet block
1 Yellowhammer west over the down (wondering if this is the same lingering bird now)
1 Siskin east over the NR

Sandpoint:  1 Merlin flew NE.

Not brilliant weather, a stiff WSW wind and showers.
Good passage of Green and Goldfinch, 3 Swallows, 7 Siskins and 2 Yellowhammers.

Had 2 garden ticks this morning with 4 canada geese south and 4 sand martin south over the house.
At Uphill this morning:
1 male Wheatear
16 sand martin north over the woodchat field and along weston beach
2 swallow north west over the woodchat field and headed towards brean.
1 blackcap singing nr heronry
9 chiffchaff
1 short-eared owl hunting around the woodchat field
3 siskin over
10 Mipit west
steady tricle of herring and lesser black-backed gulls.

On brean:
1-4 chiffchaff
1 sand martin south east
5 swallow north having come in from the axe direction
3 siskin over
5 wigeon high north over weston bay
9 Mipit west
9 chaffinch west
4 greenfinch west

Almost like groundhog day at Weston STW:
1+ ruddy duck
5 black-tailed godwits
2 swallow north towards brean

Forecast today was wrong. The 7mph north-westerly was a c.10mph westerly. Tomorrows prediction looks promising. Lets hope it's right...
Little movement today at Uphill:
1 Swallow north
4 Chiffchaff
4 Goldfinch west
4 Mipit west
30 Black-headed Gull south-east up the Axe.

At sand point this morning:
2 Tree Pipit 1 north-west and 1 circled and flew over middle hope
30+ Swallows
10+ Sand Martin
15 Chiffchaff + 2 in sand bay
1 Willow warbler middle hope
3 blackcap
1 redpoll west
7 wheatear inc 1 in sand bay
1 merlin female type on the point
5+ siskin
40 black headed gull up channel
10 common gull up channel
only c.100 lesser black-backed and herring gulls west this morning.

Middle Hope Nature Res:

1 guillemot at axe est late morning between the back end of brean down and black rock being mobbed by gulls.
On weston STW:
50 sand martin
3 swallow
1 yellow wagtail north over UV pools towards brean
30 shoveler

NE wind c.8mph and clear skies.
At sand point:
1 male Redstart middle hope
35 Sand Martin in from the south and flew NE over middle hope
5 Swallow north over trig
10 chiffchaff (1 on point)
2 blackcap
100 Mipit upchannel over middle hope
4 Siskin
4 Wheatear (1 on point)

7mph westerly wind and clear skies:
1 merlin on point
2 swallows and a sand martin north
1 fem wheatear on middle hope
5 chiffchaff
1 blackcap

6-7mph westerly wind this morning. cloudy with occasional light showers.
At sand point this morning:
1 male redstart behind the house
15 chiffchaff
3 willow warbler
1 male yellowhammer singing near the car park
4 wheatear
5 swallow lingering around feeding
3 blackcap
50 meadow pipit (inc a flock of 40 lingering on middle hope)

Much the same weather this morning with slightly stronger winds. The birds seem to be lingerers from yesterday mainly. Highlight of the day was a Porpoise moving slowly up channel close to Middle Hope.
1 Willow Warbler nr house
8 Wheatear
2 Blackcap
10 Chiffchaff
10 Swallow (4 moving north)

good movement of birds early morning but dried up when the winds increased.
At sand point:
1 Bar-headed Goose in fields adjacent to R. Banwell
5-6 sand martin north
5 willow warbler
70 swallow north
1 house martin north
10 chiffchaff
2 blackcap
8 Wheatear

At Worlebury Hill:
1 male Redstart
9 Blackcap
1 willow warbler
4 chiffchaff

At Weston STW:
7 Wheatear
10 Sand Martin

8mph northerly wind and clear skies.
Was expecting more passage this morning but the wind may have been a bit too strong and/or too cold?
1 Yellow Wagtail north
1 House Martin north
2 Tree Pipit north
15 Swallow north
1 Willow Warbler
4 Wheatear
1 Blackcap
several Chiffchaff

At weston STW mid morning:
1 Little Ringed Plover on R.Axe
1 Yellow Wagtail north
10 Swallow north
1 Sand Martin north
Little Ringed Plover

8mph south-westerly wind and cloudy with good visibility early morning.
At sand point:
Very little of note. The highlight was a Brambling calling amongst a flock of 14 finches flying hight east over middle hope.

7-8mph WNW winds and clear sky.
Small passage noted. about right for the conditions.
At Sand Point by 9:00AM:
40 Swallow north
2 house martin north
2 sand martin north
2 tree pipit north
1 willow warbler 
7 wheatear (inc 1 that went straight through)
no blackcaps heard this morning
7 chiffchaff inc 1 bird showing down to 7ft.

Quiet today with only 3 house martin and 3 swallow north past birnbeck. The current weather seems to favour inland passage with a pied flycatcher and whitethroat at blagdon today and a cuckoo at chew yesterday. weather today was 11mph raising to 16mph westerly by mid to late morning and peaking at 20mph mid afernoon.

Manx Shearwater lingering close to Birnbeck Pier at 5:30 this afernoon. Also 2 house martins south.

Very little passage again this morning in the rain:
1 male Merlin low west over middle hope
7 Wheatear (6 male)
20 Swallow through
1 Bar-headed Goose still present with mutes on the Banwell Est.

Good conditions for passage this evening and set to continue for more good passage tomorrow.
At Sand Point this evening in 45 minutes:
60 Swallow north
40 Sand Martin north
2 House Martin north
1 Willow Warbler by car park
Surprise of the evening was a Red Legged Partridge
Red-legged Partridge

Good fall of migrants today as predicted yesterday.
Cloudy but still conditions with a slight easterly breeze by mid morning.
In 5.5 hrs at sand point:
5 Grasshopper Warbler
1 whitethroat
1 whimbrel
2 brambling
12 tree pipit
50+ willow warbler
15 chiffchaff
14 wheatear
6 blackcap
1 red legged partridge
5 yellow wagtail
45 sand martin
25 swallow
1 bar headed goose at banwell est
5 siskin
2 house martin
1 pied flycatcher
5 redstart
1 redpoll

Also recorded:
Weston STW: 8 grasshopper warblers and large fall of willow warblers
Brean Down: 100+ willow warbler, 2 redstart and several tree pipits
Worle Hill: 2 redstart, 1 siskin, 6 blackcap, 4 willow warbler
Wains Hill: grasshopper warbler, redstart, pied flycatcher, tree pipits and yellow wags.
Pied Flycatcher

light 7mph westerly winds this morning.
at sand point by mid morning:
3 whitethroat
35 swallow north
3 blackcap
2 willow warbler
2 wheatear
3 siskin
1 yellow wagtail
also recorded were 6 purple sandpipers at birnbeck.

1 Common Tern north past Birnbeck at 12:15 close in.

A shock surprise to see a male Redstart in my garden this afternoon.


I had a male Redstart in our garden in Cliff Road, Worlebury on Saturday (15th) along with 2+ Willow Warblers.


After discussioins with Howard at Clevedon who saw the same Skuas as us but had longer and better views, ie head on and side on, rather than going away, I am sure the pale phase bird was in fact a Pom where as we dismissed it as probably "just" an Arctic.

Lesser whitethroat sing above the car park
Grasshopper warbler reeling 100yds before the tip of the point
12+ Tree Pipits, including a flock of 6
Sea watched from 7:40-9:00:
1 Guillemot up river at 7:57
4 adult Gannets up at 8:05
1 Osprey went up river at 8:07, still visable but gaining height at 8:10
7 adult Gannets up at 8:40
1 Great skua up at 8:45
also 3 Mute Swans and a Canada Goose.

In 2 hours off Birnbeck between 7:00 and 9:00AM:
3 Mute Swans
1 Canada Goose
1 House Martin
2 Swallows
1 Grey Wagtail
2 Peregrine

Winds changed from westerly to moderate southerly today bring cloud and light rain.
At Sand Point this morning:
1 colour ringed Chough on Middle Hope (red on right leg and green over white on left leg).
1 Greenshank south over middle hope
10 Tree Pipits
1 Lesser Whitethroat nr trig
2 Whimbrel on rocks north side of middle hope
100 Swallow west
1 Sand Martin west
1 House Martin west
1 male Redstart
2 Whitethroat
15 Wheatear

Thanks to Helene Jessop for the information:
Hello. This bird was ringed at the nest in 2004 at the Gower by the Welsh Colour Ringing Project. In recent weeks, it has been present further east along the Welsh coast in a flock of about 8 birds, several of which were also colour-ringed. This bird was last seen in Wales closely associating with its 3 siblings so there is a possibility of more choughs in Somerset? This bird is the first confirmed movement from the south Wales chough population to England. Thanks to the project in Wales for this information.
At Weston STW:
100+ Sand Martin
1 Grasshopper Warbler reeling briefly
2 Common Sandpiper
10 Swallow
5 House Martin
5 Blackwits
1 whitethroat
Axe Est:
3 Dunlin
13 Ringed Plover
several hirundines

2 Sedge Warblers, 1 prob Chiloe Wigeon, 2 Yellow Wagtails, 100+ Swallow, 100+ Sand Martin, 20 House Martin at Weston STW early afternoon.
61 Wheatear and 2 Redstart at Dundry this morning.

c.40 wheatear this evening and 2 redstarts at sand point. the chough was still present north of the trig. the skies were quiet except for one flock of 13 swallows flying south.

No sign of Chough in extensive search this evening. The Ring Ouzel was present till early evening only.
Ring Ouzel

Good fall of migrants today in light easterlies:
Total estimated count for the day:
2 Ring Ouzel
2 Grasshopper Warbler
1 Lesser Whitethroat
100 Wheatear
80 Willow warbler
3 whinchat
15 yellow wagtail
11 tree pipit
2 redstart
1 garden warbler
thousands of hirundines moving west
10 whitethroat
1 Pied Flycatcher
1 Cuckoo
20 Blackcap
3 whimbrel
Grasshopper WarblerWhinchat

A shopping trip to Morrisons produced Cetti's and Sedge Warbler at Moor Lane Pond and Garden, Reed, Sedge and Grasshopper at Summer Lane Pond.

Ideal conditions hence plenty of diurnal passage but the heavy cloud prevent any overnight passage.
Totals for the morning:
1 Swift east with hirundines
1 Greylag south with shelduck
1 whinchat nr swallow cliff
hundreds of hirundines east mainly swallows and sand martins with smaller numbers of house martin
1 garden warbler singing nr car park
1 redstart female east of trig
10 wheatear
10 siskin
3 redpoll
5 tree pipit
5 yellow wagtail
1 lesser whitethroat
2+ whimbrel
15 willow warbler
also recorded late morning/early afternoon:
1 grasshopper warbler 200yds west of ancient fort
1 male pied flycatcher nr clapper gate
11 whimbrel
1 swift
1 greenshank
6 wheatear
3 yellow wagtail
2 redoll
7 siskin
1 sum plum spotted redshank on the yeo.
Lesser WhitethroatGreylag

This afternoon at sand point:
1 male ring ouzel in bushes north of trig
6 jay twice flew towards the point.
1 yellow wagtail over

over night cloud again. winds changed from yesterdays light easterly to a light south westerly.
on sand point by lunchtime:
38 gannet up  channel
6 sandwich tern up  channel
16 arctic tern up  channel
4 commic terns up  channel
1 pied flycatcher on middle hope
2 grasshopper warbler between swallow cliff and trig
7 tree pipit
2-3 yellow wagtail
1 sedge warbler singing nr car park
1 sand martin
6 redpoll
10 swallow
10 whimbrel
1 green woodpecker
1 great spotted woodpecker
1 skylark west out to sea
1 great black-backed gull
50 black-headed gulls west
1 male ring ouzel on slope north of trig.

light north easterly wind this morning with heavy cloud and poor visibility.
at sand point this morning:
1 male ring ouzel around the trig
1 tree pipit
140 swallow through
4 house martin through
1 sand martin through

At weston STW mid morning:
1 Swift
20 Blackwits
1 Common Sand on UV pools
Several Swallow and Sand Martins
Good numbers of Sedge and Reed Warblers around Wildfowl lagoons and UV pools.

Lesser Whitethroat at 12.00pm,in bushes on footpath to house.

Went down to the Yeo 3:50-4:50.

25 Whimbrel
1 Common Sandpiper
1 summer plumage Spotted Redshank
12 Redshank
5 Dunlin
2 Cettis Warbler, 1 our side, 1 Blakes Pools
1 Grasshopper Warbler on Blakes Pools side
8 Little Egrets along the Clevedon side
c15 Teal
15 Tufties, 2 Little Grebes on STW
2 Lesser Whitethroats
no sign of Saturdays reported female Pintail.

c.7mph southerly wind bringing cloud and light rain.
At sand point this morning in a brief search:
4 Swift
1 Grasshopper warbler
5 redpoll
2 siskin
2 whimbrel
1 tree pipit
4 small waders high south-east
20 Swallow
1 house martin

Clear skies and a 6mph westerly wind.
Quiet at sand point this morning:
8 Whimbrel
1 Tree pipit
1 Siskin
1 lesser whitethroat

Light 2mph north winds. Calm conditions.
Less migration than expected so far at Sand Point:
1 Sand Martin
20 Swallow
2 House Martin
2 Willow Warbler
2 lesser whitethroat
1 fem redstart
1 redpoll
1 swift
1 garden warbler
20 ringed plover
12 dunlin
several whimbrel heard calling in the bay and 4 little egrets present

imm red kite untagged over middle hope at 1pm then flew towards clevedon and came in at clevedon pier.
2 garden warblers at N.R.
holly blue at N.R.
per Phil Amies

Light north winds and clear skies
At sand point this morning:
3 Lesser Whitethroat
1 Swift
10 House Martin
10 Swallow
1 Sand Martin
1 Redpoll also 1 at Birnbeck
Small number of waders in the bay. (40 Dunlin and 20 Ringed Plover last night).

7mph northerly winds
1 female pied flycatcher nr clapper gate
10 swift
10 house martin
20 swallow
1 sand martin
31 arctic tern up channel
11 commic tern north between point and flat holm
2 common scoter down channel
2 kittiwake distantly to the north west
1 hobby east
4 redpoll
2 lesser whitethroat
1 cuckoo 200yds east of house

light north west wind:
At sand point:
1 fulmar up channel
3 lesser whitethroats
2 tree pipits
1 yellow wagtail
1 grey wagtail north
4 whimbrel
17 house martin inc a flock of 15 through
1 reed warbler singing in rhyne nr car park
1 sedge warbler singing nr car park
2 wheatear


13mph westerly winds:
At sand point:
2 Arctic Skuas 1 up channel early morning and 1 up channel late morning.
40 Kittiwakes up channel early morning
2 fulmar down channel
5 gannets 1 down channel mid morning, 4 down channel late morning on the welsh side
3 Sanderling down channel mid morning
1 tern sp down channel mid morning

14mph SSE wind this morning
At sand point:
7 Swift
2-3 yellow wagtail
1 sedge warbler nr car park
1 reed warbler nr car park
4 wheatear 1 male + 3 female on middle hope
1 tree pipit
1 whimbrel up channel
3 dunlin down channel

At Sand Point:
1 grasshopper warbler above car park
3 garden warbler 2 nr car park, 1 on middle hope
24 whimbrel 12 in woodspring bay
15 wheatear
1 spotted flycatcher before clapper gate
3 tree pipit
1 whinchat female on slope east of house
1 yellow wagtail over
1 common sand banwell est
40 swift
1 sand martin
many swallows and house martins through
At Weston Woods
1 wood warbler in weston woods 150yds north into wood from manor road.
1 Tawny Owl male calling just before mid day 300yds west of water tower
several singing chiffchaffs and blackcaps
Wood Warbler

This afternoon:
At sand point:
1 red-rumped swallow north past the trig and out to sea towards the south-east side of cardiff. Unfortunately all I got on the bird was the rump as it flew away from me. A cream rump with a red patch on it, which was still visible some distance out to sea.
1 grasshopper warbler reeled briefly, 9 wheatear, 1 whinchat
At woodspring bay
6 wheatear, 1 spotted flycatcher
butterflies seen today:
2 holly blue, 1 painted lady, 1 orange tip, 1 small tortoiseshell, several whites.

2 Spotted Flycatchers
1 Garden Warbler
4+ Redpolls, 1 of which looked rather pale with distinct little streaks down its flanks (sat up above the clapper gate at 7:20)
1 Siskin
4+ Tree Pipits
didn't get Paul B's Wood Warbler by the clapper gate
1 Reed Warbler singing half way along the point

At sand point by 11AM:
1 Wood Warbler
2 Sedge Warbler
4 Garden Warbler
3 Tree Pipit
11 Redpoll
1 Siskin
2 Spotted Flycatcher
1 Hobby in from the west and perched briefly in hawthorn
1 fem Wheatear
16 Arctic Tern up channel
1 male Whinchat 200yds on road side 200yds south of woodspring priory.
9 Jay on middle hope

6:00-7:30 Rather quiet. There seems to be about 5 Redpolls virtually resident now.
1 Tree Pipit high east.
Sedge Warbler singing on the northern slope at 7:25.

7-8mph westerly winds and clear skies:
At sand point:
1 dark phase Arctic Skua flew north past the point about 300yds offshore, landed for about 1 second and then continued east up channel
1 Auk sp up channel
20 small waders south past the point
50 Swallow in 1's and 2's west past the point
1 wheatear on the point
1 whimbrel at the point

Light southerly winds and clear sky
At sand point this morning:
2 garden warbler
2 tree pipit
11 jay in off the sea and hung around the point, then headed east
1 turnstone up channel with oystercatchers
1 female redstart on middle hope
2 spotted flycatchers 1 in/off sea from the west and 1 on middle hope
13 redpoll

Light northerly winds.
at Sand Point:
1 whinchat
6+ lesser whitethroat
2 reed warbler
1 swift north
3 house martin north
a trickle of swallows through
4 redpoll lingering briefly above the house

light north easterly winds with intermittent light rain.
5 redpoll 2 west and 3 lesser redpoll above house
30 swallow through some north and some west
20 house martin through coming in from the south and flying east over middle hope
3 swift through moving up channel

Drake Garganey on UV pools feeding on insects on the water surface.
1 Cuckoo calling distantly
50+ swift
10 house martin
20 swallow
1 drake wigeon
1 fem ruddy duck

light west swinging north west winds and high cloud cover
At sand point this morning:
1 whimbrel
6 lesser redpoll feeding along path before the clapper gate
10 swallow through

Yesterday afternoon and early evening:
3 wheatear 2m and 1f in sand bay
100 small waders north past the point
100+ swift north

moderate north east wind.
On sand point in a brief search:
1 mealy redpoll in with flock of 12 -14 redpolls
1 garden warbler singing nr trig
6 jay nr trig
3 house martin through

Light north-east winds and clear sky
At sand point:
6 spotted flycatcher
16 redpoll
1 sanderling in bay
4 dunlin in bay
2 ringed plover in bay
1 nuthatch mobile around the trig
3 wheatear 1 male in bay and 2 male 150yds west of trig which may have been greenland race
9 commic terns up channel
4 gannets up channel 2 adults and 2 3rd yr
1 Pomarine Skua up channel
1 fem Marsh Harrier up channel. I initially thought this bird was a skua as it was low over the water 400yds out but when in the scope saw that it was in fact a Marsh Harrier
1 Garden Warbler
1 male Whinchat
1 diver sp recorded flying down channel past severnside at 10:20 but did not see the bird by 11:00.
Redpoll and spotted flycatcher in weston woods mid-day.

Sand Point 5:35-7:00 a.m.

2 Tree Sparrows in bushes beyond the trig point
2 Spotted Flycatchers around the car park
1 Ringed Plover was the only small wader in the bay at 5:35
Cettis Warbler singing behind the bungalows opposite the wader watching layby was a Sand Bay/Point tick.

Having watched these redpolls last night and this morning and then looked at loads of photos and articles on the internet about separating common from lesser, maybe I'm being naive but they all look as though they could be Greenland/Icelandic to me. Isn't picking out the biggest, greyist and whitest one, and saying we only have one "Mealy" is selling the situation short? The other point is that aren't nominate Lessers breeding at the moment and shouldn't we be seeing Greenland and Icelandic migrants like the wheatears at the moment. So why a few "mealies" should get in a big flock of lessers at a migration point in May doesn't seem very logical....?

Your comments could be correct. In my case I have seen the birds and researched the identification after so would really need to go back and look through the birds again.

Wader count this evening:

Axe Est:
c.100 Dunlin
c.30 Ringed Plover
2 Sanderling 1 in partial summer, 1 in full summer

In Sand Bay:
119 Dunlin
11 Ringed Plover
1 Sanderling in partial summer
2+ whimbrel
Also, a late sand martin over middle hope this evening

Mark Ponsford found a Spoonbill this evening on pools on the bank of the River Axe by the STW. When I got there the bird was in flight heading towards the Estuary where it dropped. I relocated the bird just before dusk feeding in the marsh.

Axe Estuary: the Spoonbill left its roost in the marsh at 5:05 and fed along the shore in the large bay on the Somerset side looking towards Brean Down for 10 minutes before flying back into the marsh. Paul B got his photo about half an hour later.

Sand point: female Marsh Harrier flew low east over the car park at 6:00. Apart from that, a Tree Pipit and still some Redpolls buzzing around but I didn't try and get any proper views this morning.

Virtually windless conditions
At Sand Point
3 Wheatear 1 150yds west of trig and 2 in bay
1 Grey Wagtail west
1 tree pipit
4 Redpoll
3 Spotted Flycatcher
1 Siskin
2 Tree Sparrow nr trig
1 Cuckoo
Tree Sparrows

12th May
female Marsh Harrier at Axe Est this evening perched in the marsh preening.
Spoonbill still present but occasionally dissappearing into gulleys.
6 Dunlin on tideline
2 whimbrel
Marsh Harrier

13mph westerly wind with 100% cloud cover reduced visibility
Spoonbill still around Axe Est and STW
1 Little Tern flew out the Axe out to sea and turned and came back into weston bay at 8AM but not seen to go past sand point in the following hour.
1+ Tree Sparrow between trig and clapper gate
6 Redpoll between trig and clapper gate.
1 Siskin over
1 whimbrel and sand bay
c.100 small waders in sand bay
1 male wheatear 150yds west of trig

3mph south westerly winds
At sand point this morning:
4 redpoll at least 1 was a mealy
2 tree sparrow in bushes around the trig most of the morning
4 siskin
2 common scoter both drake flying up channel
1 arctic skua up channel
1 wheatear prob greenland
3 whimbrel in bay
200 dunlin in bay plus a flock of 50 came in from the north late morning
25 ringed plover
7 sanderling
1 mute swan up channel

At weston stw this afernoon:
1 Greenshank on the river axe
1 male yellow wagtail on river axe.

moderate south-easterly wind with light rain.
At Weston STW:
1 Greenshank on Axe
8 Whimbrel inc a flock of 4 in from the south
20 Swift
30 House Martin
20 Swallow
1 Sand Martin

light south-westerly winds and high cloud
At sand point:
2 Tree sparrows around trig
12 Redpolls
1 Tree pipit
1 wheatear
2 siskin
2 Swift over
4 Swallow through

light southerly winds and low cloud
At Weston STW:
40 Swift 64 were counted here yesterday
10 Swallow
2 House Martin
1 Sand Martin
2 Common Sandpiper on river Axe
14 Stock Dove

An evening visit to Weston STW:
1 Marsh Harrier hunting along the river axe before drifting off towards brean
1 greenshank on the axe
150+ swift over the uv pools
Marsh Harrier

Sand Point 6:00-7:00

2 Tree Sparrows by trig point
1 redpoll buzzing around
20 Swallows north
nothing on the "sea" 6:15-7:15....but there should be later.....!

sea watch this afternoon and late evening produced:
50 Gannet most up channel
240 Kittiwake including 2 flocks of around 100 each up channel late evening
1-2 Fulmar
1 sea duck down channel
1 Little tern down channel
2 arctic tern down channel
1 common tern
Unfortnately no skuas or shearwaters.

strong westerly winds
At Sand Point by 10:30:
450 Manx Shearwater down channel
50 Fulmar down channel
1 Kittwake down channel
20 Gannet down channel
4 Arctic Skua up channel

At weston stw:
Another or the same adult spoonbill on UV pools this evening
200 house martin
30 swift
20 swallow
1 fem ruddy duck
SpoonbillRuddy Duck

Final sea watching totals for 5:50-12:30:
500 Manx
49 Gannets
52 Fulmar
4 Arctic Skua
2 Kittiwakes

Strong westerly winds
In 6.5hrs between 07:45 and 14:15 on Sand Point
5 Arctic Skua 4 together flying up channel plus 1 flying up channel mid day
20 Gannet mainly flying down channel
11 Fulmar mainly flying down channel
101 Kittiwake 3 down channel followed by a flock of 40 then 18 then 20. Some lingered on the sea north of trig for 10 mins before continuing down channel
1 Great Skua at 11am that may have been the bird below. Very distant it seemed to show a hint of wing bars but did not show the pale coverts.
1 Skua sp. this bird raised some questions about its plumage. All the upper wing coverts were pale brown except for the greater coverts that were white forming a large inner wing bar on both wings. The pale brown coverts contrasted with the dark flight feathers. All under side appeared dark. Head plumage not noted.
1 arctic tern up channel close in
3 manx shearwater down channel late morning

A text from the clevedon guys had me driving out to birnbeck to intercept a great northern diver but with no luck.
I did record: 1 arctic skua up channel, 5 fulmar down channel and 3 kittiwake down channel.

Mainly birding from the car today due to constant rain.
strong south-east winds
16 Sanderling on uphill beach at high tide
At Weston STW:
1 fem ruddy duck
100 house martin
50 swift 100 present yesterday
40 swallow 10 present yesterday.
House Martin

18mph westerly winds over mid day
A sea watch between 3pm and 5pm at sand point:
1 summer plum Guillemot close in down channel - after some research and the sighting of a guillemot off minehead during the evening, I have decided that this bird was a guillemot not razorbill.
23 fulmar most down channel
4 gannet most up channel
1 dark phase arctic skua close in up channel
1 pomarine skua down channel. distant but almost close enough to make out the tail pattern
4 kittiwake 3 up channel

Moderate westerly winds
On sand point:
2 siskin west
1 garden warbler singing nr trig
1 spotted flycatcher nr trig

off sand point between 5:30 and 8:15
1 storm petrel down channel
1 pomarine skua up channel
3 arctic skuas up channel
1 great skua lingering
4 fulmar
50+ manx shearwater moving both up and down channel
15-20 kittiwakes up channel

strong westerly winds and still plenty of sea bird action.
From Birnbeck between 7:30am and 9:30am:
128 Manx shearwater
6 fulmar
9 gannet
2 arctic skua pale phase and light phase
1 guillemot down channel

light to moderate northerly winds
1 hobby perched south of fort and then flew low east but not seen again.
1 fem wheatear flighty bird between swallow cliff and fort
1 whimbrel heard in bay
7 swallow through

This evening:
At Axe Est 3 ringed plover and 2 dunlin

At Sand Bay: 2 Whimbrel, 8 Sanderling, 7 Dunlin

strong westerly winds
At Birnbeck 11:30 - 13:00:
4 Gannet
3 Manx Shearwater
5 Fulmar

In 2 hour watch late afternoon from Sand Point:
1 Bonxie down channel close in. Unfortunately this bird went through before i had chance to set the camera up. A few cuss words followed.
4 Gannet down channel. 1 2nd winter, 1 3rd winter and 2 4th winter birds. All birds close in.
1 Fulmar down channel close in.

continuing westerly winds much lighter that previous days.
No sea birds recorded at sand point in half an hour search this morning.
2 house martin west
2 swallow west
c.20 small waders up channel
This afternoon in an hour produced a skua sp distantly moving up channel in the low cloud.

light westerly winds
At sand point:
16 sanderling in the bay
52 dunlin in the bay
1 siskin west
7 house martin west
6 swallow west
6 swift west

1 Hobby high east over weston at 14:55

moderate North wind swung NW to 18mph mid to late morning.
At sand point:
1 Yellow Wagtail perched briefly on swallow cliff
1 Wheatear brieftly on swallow cliff
3 swallow
27 house martin
1 lesser whitethroat new in
1 whimbrel at Axe Est
2 Great Crested Grebe on UV pools
70 house martin over UV pools
20 Swift over UV pools
Yellow Wagtail

quite strong northerly winds this morning
At sand point:
1 Spotted Flycatcher briefly between clapper gate and trig point
8 house martin through
4 swallow through
58 small waders flying around the bay on incoming tide. at least 2 were sanderling.

1 adult summer black headed gull on uphill beach

Wall Brown this morning. Yesterday several small coppers and a speckled wood.

light northerly wind
At sand point:
1 fem wheatear 100yds west of fort
1 willow warbler nr swallow cliff new in today
5 swallow through
1 house martin through
1 siskin heard nr trig

At Weston STW:
1 Shoveler drake on UV pools
2 Cuckoo
1 Great Crested Grebe on UV pools
50 Swift
20 house martin


Light northerly winds and clear sky
3+ Glanville Fritillary on slope west of fence 30yds SW of iron age fort
1 Cuckoo calling and seen briefly between trig point and wall
2 Redpoll north
2-3 Swallows and House Martins through
Glanville Fritillary

At Weston STW:
1 Great Crested Grebe on UV pools
1 Great Black-backed Gull on UV pools
Black-tailed Skimmer and Emperor Dragonfly recorded today. For photos see insect page.

light northerly wind and clear sky
At Sand Point:
Highlight of the day was a hummingbird hawk moth briefly in the north west corner of the car park
1 Spotted Flycatcher at the fort then flew towards the point
5 black-headed gulls up channel
1 swallow through
2 swift through
2 house martin through
1 female redstart east of trig point
1 Willow Warbler at top of diaganol track

5 Common Blue, 2 Small Blue, 6 Wall Brown, 3 Painted Lady, 3 Small Copper, 1 Red Admiral, up to 6 Glanville Fritillary, Small White, Large White, Orangetip, Pale Tussock (see photo)
Pale Tussock

Light northerly wind with 95% high cloud cover
At Sand Point this morning:
5 Swift through
1 Wheatear east of swallow cliff
2 Spotted Flycatcher briefly nr fort then flew off north calling
1 Lesser Whitethroat new in bringing the total to 3 singing males
1 Willow Warbler new in bringing the total to 2 singing males
1 Garden Warbler singing above toilet block
Also 4+ Glanvilles

medium strength NNE winds
At sand point in the morning:
17 house martin through
6 mute swan up channel
10 swift through
1 redpoll west
2 spotted flycatcher 1 north and 1 west calling
3 swallow

this evening at sand point:
31 swift east
2 black headed gulls east
2 swallows through
1 siskin east

Light south easterly winds and high cloud cover.
Very little at sand point this morning with just a couple of swifts moving through.
A marsh harrier was seen heading north over berrow this morning so could well have ended up somewhere around the axe.

At Weston STW:
1 1st winter Mediterranean Gull on river axe.
12 Black headed gulls on river axe.
Mediterranean Gull

light variable winds
At weston STW:
1 Little egret
1 cuckoo
50 Swift
6 black headed gull

light north east winds and clear sky.
Quiet at sand point this morning:
2 Swift through
1 spotted flycatcher north
1 swallow through

At Axe Est this afternoon
1 Dunlin
1 Ringed Plover
10 Sanderling
4 Black headed gull
An influx of Black-headed Gull at STW of 26 birds.

At sand point this evening:
1 whimbrel lingering in the bay and then flew up channel
30 swift
2 swallow
2 house martin

13mph easterly winds and clear skies.
Migrants at sand point:
1 Swift through
1 Swallow through
1 Willow warbler singing in gardens north of caravan park.
1 1st summer male Common Rosefinch at middle hope. The bird was initially picked up calling flying towards the trig point with a "kwee" call and then I could hear the bird flying back past me. I then heard a song "sitchoo-weechoo" very fluty resembling the quality of a woodlark or willow warbler. I located the bird singing on a hawthorn behind the house and got some distant shots before scaling the fence. Unfortunately it flew east 100yds and I had to try and pin it down again on the deck. When done so the bird looked like a spotted flycatcher in plumage but i know that spot fly has a song of just a few robin like notes. The bird then flew to another bush in the field behind which is when I saw the heavy bill and realised that the bird was a Rosefinch. After checking tapes and talking to other birders it was confirmed that the bird was a common rosefinch.
Common Rosefinch

easterly winds again this morning.
In a brief search the only new birds found were a Reed Warbler singing by the toilet block and 12 Swifts through.
No sign of the Rosefinch this morning.

At steep holm today:
1 swift through
3 swallows through
1 whitethroat singing behind barracks

14mph NNE winds.
At sand point:
12 Swift through

50 Black headed gulls in the bay. Last night 120 in the bay.

light norhterly wind
At Weston STW in brief search:
1 Great Crested Grebe on UV
60 Black headed Gulls including a juvenile
a couple of meadow browns on the wing
1 Grey Squirrel along the river axe bank by UV pools was an unusual find.
Blue-tailed and Common Blue Damselflies on the wing.
Axe Est:
Mallard numbers increased to 30

Small amount of migration late morning:
1 Siskin east
1 Sand Martin east
3 Swallow west
1 House Martin east
Still 1 Glanville on the wing 100 yards east of the trig point.

moderate southerly winds and cloudy sky
Very little around:
1 Redpoll through
1 Swift through

2nd July
1 Common Sandpiper this morning on rocks on the point at Sand Point. Also 3 Ringlets lingering around the ancient fort. The first time I have recorded this sp on Sand Point. Also recorded: Several Six-spot Burnet, Silver Y, Marbled Whites on the wing.
Common SandpiperRinglet


8th August
light variable winds. 4 yellow wagtail 3 in bay and 1 in marsh, 15 whitethroat, 1 lesser whitethroat, 1 willow warbler, 30 house martin lingering high over trig, 1 raven nr trig, 1 turnstone heard over swallow cliff

light south-east breeze at sand point,1 great black-back gull in bay, dunlin and ringed plover heard, 2 willow warbler, 6 lesser whitethroat, 1 common gull west past the point, 1 common sandpiper heard in bay on edge of marsh, 1 wheatear nr fort, 1 whimbrel calling in marsh, 3 spotted flycatcher behind house

News from Weston STW and R.Axe this morning:
3 teal on wildfowl lagoons
4 sand martin over uv pools
1 lapwing on river axe
1 dunlin on river axe
30 redshank
1 Merlin, Pair of Ruddy Duck, 3 Greenshank, 1 Yellow Wagtail and a Wheatear.

9th August

9mph north westerly wind. At sand point:
1 tree pipit west over trig
1 sand martin over middle hope, a trickle through of house martins and swallows

Elderberries are starting to ripen. It was very productive checking elderberry bushes last year for warblers. 2 Blackcaps this morning feeding on elderberries.

10th August

News from Weston STW and R.Axe:
2 Greenshank
5 Teal
3 Tufted Duck
2 Pochard
2 Ruddy Duck

13th August

15mph northerly wind
At sand point:
2-3 garden warblers nr toilet block
1 lesser whitethroat nr fort
2+ blackcap nr toilet block
3+ whitethroat nr toilet block
1 yellow wagtail heard calling from marsh and then flew east
2 sanderling in bay
1 dunlin in bay
1 common gull in bay
1 juv great black-back gull in bay

15th August

c. 7mph south westerly wind
At sand point:
2 tree pipit
15 meadow pipit
1 whimbrel west
1 whinchat at bottom of glanville slope
70 house martin west
1 green woodpecker behind house
3 chiffchaff nr house
Only news from Weston STW was of a Greenshank

16th August

8mph southerly wind
At sand Point:
3 Willow Warbler
1 wheatear at trig
1 lesser whitethroat at trig
5 chiffchaff
a single flock of 150 house martin lingering over middle hope
1 tree pipit calling over the bay
1 sedge warbler in marsh
Yesterdays Whimbrel passing through:

At weston stw late afternoon:

3 black tailed godwit on uv pools
2 common sand flew up river axe
3 swift over uv pools
50 redshank of river axe
4 teal on r.axe
1 greenshank on r.axe
1 kingfisher heard nr uv pools
2 ruddy duck on uv pools
2 pochard on uv pools

17th August

light south easterly wind bringing intermittent rain
At weston stw:
140 mallard
4 teal
12 swift
85 coot
1 kingfisher
2 ruddy duck
3 pochard
1 greenshank heard
2 green sandpiper at brean cross sluice
1 yellow wagtail at brean cross sluice
2 ruddy duck on uv pools
2 common sandpiper
a flock of 30 swallow south
Buzzard at Weston STW yesterday:
Hummingbird hawk moth in garden today (Weston-super-Mare)

18th August

north easterly wind with intermittent showers
At weston stw:
2 common sandpiper at brean cross sluice
1 greenshank at brean cross sluice
1 wheatear at brean cross sluice
3 dunlin in r.axe
170 redshank in r.axe
1 grey wagtail uv pools
1 shoveler uv pools
1 clouded yellow on bank of r.axe
1 red underwing at 1pm in car park south of hutton moor leisure centre
At sand bay per Paul G:
35 dunlin
28 ringed plover
1 sanderling
9 knot
1 barwit
Greenshank at brean cross sluice:

19th August

At sand bay in brief search:
1 wheatear
1 tree pipit south
1 swift south
1 sedge warbler
1 greenshank per Nick W

21ST August

Brisk westerly wind
in sand bay:
80 dunlin
80 ringed plover
2 sanderling
4 knot
1 turnstone

22nd August

5mph south westerly wind
At sand point:
no visible migration
2 sand martin
1 greenshank in marsh and then flew inland
1 yellow wagtail calling in marsh
4 blackcap
4 chiffchaff
1 garden warbler nr toilet block
2 lesser whitethroat nr fort
1 wheatear on middle hope

23rd August

6-7mph south westerly wind and rain
only had a quick look in the bay before the rain started:
1 partial summer Curlew Sandpiper came in from the east with a flock of dunlin and ringed plover but could not be relocated on the beach.
55 ringed plover
71 dunlin

24th August

9mph north westerly winds.
At sand point this morning:
100+ house martin most moving west and some south. some high up, most going through at an average height
30+ swallow through
2 sand martin with the house martins
1 garden warbler nr toilet block. photo below.
1 willow warbler nr car park
3 wheatear 2 very mobile
1 lesser whitethroat nr trig point
1 whimbrel calling in marsh
1 hummingbird hawk moth perched on a bramble for some time allowing good photo opportunities. photo below

25th August

Light 5mph easterly wind.
At sand point:
120 Dunlin in bay
66 Ringed Plover in bay
4 yellow wagtail 3 in bay then flew south and 1 over car park
2 grey wagtail west over trig
2 lesser whitethroat 1 trig, 1 middle hope
4 wheatear middle hope
2 redstart middle hope 1 flighty male, 1 female
1 spotted flycatcher on middle hope
1 tree pipit very high over. call could only just be heard
1 willow warbler middle hope
1 sand martin over middle hope
1 green woodpecker on middle hope
7 blackcap middle hope
This mornings flighty Redstart:
At weston stw lunch time:
1 greenshank flew towards uphill
28 lapwing
1 common gull on axe
pochard into double figures
1 shoveler
7 teal on axe
3 clouded yellow
1 silver y
Osprey over Weston STW towards Brent Knoll at 3:50 this afternoon per SOS website.

26th August

Overcast day with a 10-12mph NW wind
Not much recorded this morning at sand point:
130+ House Martin including a flock of 88 sat on wires nr house
1 tree pipit over heard calling once
3 wheatear on middle hope
1 willow warbler on middle hope
1 sanderling
60 dunlin
10 ringed plover

On brean down
Similar numbers of hirundines flying towards wales
1 whinchat

Moth trap highlights. The ones idíd so far:
2 Orange Swift
23 Large Yellow Underwing
1 Pebble Hook-tip
1 Brimstone moth
1 Light Emerald
3 Setaceous Hebrew Character

Pebble Hook-tip photo:

A confiding Pectoral Sandpiper was found by James Packer this afternoon. It showed well at 20yds range on a small puddle till early evening at least. Also present: spotted redshank, green sandpiper, greenshank and 4 yellow wagtails

27th August

brisk north westerly wind again
at sand point:
trickle through of house martins and swallows west
3 tree pipits over
1 yellow wagtail on middle hope
2 lesser whitethroats together on middle hope
1 female redstart on middle hope

28th August

3rd day of brisk north westerly winds
At weston stw:
15 pochard on uv
3 shoveler on uv
2 greenshank on axe
4 tufted duck on uv pools
4 common sandpiper on axe
2 ruddy duck on uv pools
1 clouded yellow on axe
3 black-tailed godwit on axe
5 swift over uv pools
1 bar-tailed godwit recorded at sand bay.
in the moth trap:
1 canary shouldered thorn
21 large yellow underwing
3 orange swift
1 brimstone moth
1 willow beauty
2 yellow shell
1 setaceous hebrew character
1 cypress pug
Canary-shouldered Thorn:

29th August

a change in direction to 10mph WNW winds
At Weston STW:
2 dunlin 1 over SE, 1 on axe
2 common sand
6 shoveler on uv
14 pochard on uv
1 greenshank on axe
9 teal on axe
1 snipe on axe
5 sand martin
1 green sand on wildfowl lagoons
2 blackwit on wildfowl lagoons
1 spotted redshank came in from the east and flew towards axe est and appeared to drop:

30th August

A drop in westerly wind speed has done little to curb the current bird drought.

At sand point:
5 chiffchaff
100+ hirundines cirlcling high above fields behind sand bay
8 dunlin circling around the top of the bay then flew inland
1 sand martin west
a trickle of hirundines mainly swallows moving west towards flat holm
At Weston STW:
1 spot red flew towards brean cross sluice
3 black-tailed godwit on axe with redshank
3 greenshank
50+ silver y in salt marsh
3 clouded yellow in salt marsh
moth trap:
25 large yellow underwing
1 bright-line brown-eye
3 willow beauty
2 orange swift
3 the uncertain
1 common wainscott
1 marbled beauty
1 angle shades
1 cypress pug

31st August

Winds have changed to a 9-10mph south-westerly bringing some new birds in.
At sand point:
1 Willow warbler singing in top bushes nr trig
5 yellow wagtails following cattle over middle hope
1 lesser whitethroat nr trig
1 tree pipit nr trig
80+ house martin lingering over the trig and middle hope
2 sand martin with house martins
At Weston stw:
2 greenshank
10 small waders flew towards axe est. ringed plover could be heard in the flock
7 swift over wildfowl lagoons
2 clouded yellow
20+ silver y

1st September

By request the I've recreated the link to my Avon Year list.


9-10mph south-west wind

At sand point:
trickle through of house martins, swallows and sand martins. all were moving west.
Moth trap:
1 red underwing - new for the trap
1 poplar hawkmoth
1 canary-shouldered thorn
1 shuttle-shaped dart
2 setaceous hebrew character
20 large yellow underwing
3 lesser yellow underwing?
2 garden carpet
1 cypress pug
1 brimstone moth

2nd September

A sea watch off sand point early afternoon was not as productive as hoped.
22mph SSW winds produced just 1 manx shearwater zigzaging north past the point.
3 sand martin  flew west past the point and then headed low over the water SSW.

3rd September

strong WSW winds
Little in the way of sea birds today despite the ideal conditions. An hour watch this morning produced nothing whereas an hour watch this afternoon produced at sand point:
2 manx shearwater both going down channel
1 gannet moving up mid channel
At weston stw:
40+ sand martin over uv pools
1 swift briefly over uv pools
91 lapwing in fields

4th September

9-10mph westerly winds
At sand point
1 wheatear on point
13 yellow wagtails together amongst cattle on middle hope
at weston stw:
3 gadwall 2 drakes and a duck
14 pochard
1 fem ruddy duck
1 greenshank
trickle of swallows south
1 sedge warbler
Paulb2006-09-04 14:38:24
At Axe Est high tide:
1 dunlin
60 oystercatcher
1 juvenile Bar-tailed Godwit

5th September

10+mph south westerly winds

very quiet this morning:
45 swallow west
25 house martin west
3+ yellow wagtail on middle hope amongst the cattle
moth trap
2 new moths not id'd yet
2 angle shades
2 brimstone
3 willow beauty
2 marbled beauty
3 setaceous hebrew character
1 specatacle
1 common carpet
3 garden carpet
2 small dusty wave
yesterdays Bar-tailed Godwit on Axe Est:

Axe Est this afternoon:

1 great black-backed gull on black rock
1 knot with oystercatchers on black rock
8 black-tailed godwits

6th September

8mph south westerly wind
At sand point:
1 tree pipit calling in sand bay
15 chiffchaff
10 blackcap
2 whitethroat nr toilet block
1 tired wheatear showing down to 3.9 metres on the fort
2 yellow wagtails in sand bay
50 swallow west
1 clouded yellow on middle hope
At weston stw lunch time:
1 whinchat at brean cross sluice
2 greenshank on axe
2 common sandpiper on axe

high tide waders this evening:
numbers of dunlin at the axe have doubled to 2
1 common sandpiper
4 black-tailed godwit

a flock of 20 small waders in sand bay flew high inland.

A few large clouds of starlings swooping around before dropping into the reeds at the STW pools before dusk

7th September

10+ mph northerly wind
at sand point:
1 juv green woodpecker by toilet block and then behind house
1 whitethroat between fort and swallow cliff
10 blackcap
15 swallow through
60 house martin in 1 group lingering over fort
1 sand martin over middle hope
3 wheatear swallow cliff
4 willow warbler 2 nr trig and 2 on middle hope
2 yellow wagtail flew up from fields south of house
10 chiffchaff
3 goldcrest nr house are the first autumn record. 1 was a juvenile
a flock of 16 cormorant flew into sand bay and headed towards birnbeck.
green woodpecker and yesterdays whinchat at brean cross sluice:
Paulb2006-09-07 20:01:00

8th September

light easterly wind
at sand point:
2 grey wagtail over
1 lesser whitethroat nr trig
24 wheatear on middle hope + 2 in sand bay
1,000 swallow east
650 house martin east including a flock of 300+
4 meadow pipit west
1 whitethroat between trig and swallow cliff
1 tree pipit over middle hope
1 mistle thrush behind house
1 firecrest calling regularly and showed briefly at the nature reserve
3 yellow wagtail east end of middle hope
4 sand martin east
1 little ringed plove juvenile in sand bay on edge of marsh showing well but twice flushed by dog walkers in the 10mins i was there.
1 spotted flycatcher on north side of fort
little ringed plover:
Paulb2006-09-08 16:45:15

above totals updated to reflect this afternoons count. still plenty of swallows and house martins moving through plus 2 sand martins.

2 wheatear at the trig
1 spotted flycatcher on north side of trig

9th September

moderate easterly wind
at sand point by mid day:
1,000+ swallow east
1,000+ house martin east
4 wheatear
4 sand martin east
20 knot east past the point with 4 dunlin
100 curlew in marsh
3 tree pipit over
100 dunlin in bay
25 ringed plover in bay
14 yellow wagtail with cattle on middle hope
3 wigeon in bay
1 willow warbler nr trig
4 tree sparrow in bushes south of trig
15 blackcap
10 chiffchaff
3 whitethroat

10th September

light c.6mph easterly winds changing to light southerly in the afternoon
at sand point
200+ hirundines east mainly swallows
1 sand martin east
1 bar-taileded godwit in bay
116 dunlin in bay
6 ringed plover in bay
1 yellow wagtail in bay
1 redstart nr trig
4 tree pipit
1 whimbrel on north side
1 grey wagtail
2 whitethroat
4 wheatear 3 middle hope, 1 in bay
20 blackcap roving through bushes
20 chiffchaff scattered on the point and middle hope
1 juv green woodpecker nr toilet block and middle hope
2 great spotted woodpecker on middle hope then flew towards the NR
1 willow warbler nr car park
1 reed warbler in bay
1 sedge warbler in bay
4 whinchat in bay
at weston stw:
7 wigeon in wildfowl lagoons
25 pochard on uv pools
50 teal most on wildfowl lagoons
2 whinchat nr wildfowl lagoons
whinchat at sand bay:

11th September

Middle Hope/Woodspring Priory
light easterly wind:
At sand point:
1 wheatear on swallow cliff
2 whimbrel past the point heading towards the bay
15 meadow pipits between swallow cliff and fort
1 tree pipit over middle hope
at weston stw:
3 common sandpiper on axe
2 sand martin east
1 greenshank at brean cross sluice
1 merlin on axe being mobbed by a sparrowhawk
Paulb2006-09-11 18:16:41

12th September

moderate southerly wind
at sand point:
15 blackcap inc a roving group of 10 on north side of fort 
1 garden warbler north side of fort
2 whitethroat 1 on north side of fort and 1 on south side
2 wheatear 1 on point and 1 on middle hope
just 6 swallow ehading south west off the point
a flock of 50 house martin lingering high over the trig.
5 chiffchaff
in the moth trap:
2 willow beauty
12 large yellow underwing
1 dusky thorn new for trap
3 setaceous hebrew character
3 vines rustic
1 scarce bordered straw new for trap
1 snout
2 cypress pug
1 garden carpet
1 ribband wave
Paulb2006-09-12 16:10:16

13th Septemebr

moderate southerly wind
at sand point:
1 yellow wagtail in bay
1 whimbrel in bay
3 whitethroat around fort
1 lesser whitethroat south side of fort
20 blackcap in 2 groups 1 on either side of fort
10 chiffchaff
130 house martin lingering high over middle hope
at weston stw:
steady trickle of swallows south
5 sand martin south
wigeon numbers now up to 25
juvenile peregrine seen yesterday over the trig at sand point:

14th September

light westerly winds
At weston stw:
1 black-necked grebe on uv pools
1 water rail on uv pools
2 snipe on uv pools
1 reed warbler on uv pools
below bngrebe and pec sand at clevedon:

15th September

light northerly winds
at weston stw:
black-necked grebe still on uv pools
female ruddy duck on uv
1 ruff on pools on somerset side of the axe, then flew 200yds and landed on somerset side of the axe opposite the stw.
1 grey wagtail east
200 swallow south east
20 meadow pipit east
4 snipe on axe
35 wigeon in wildfowl lagoons
3 greenshank 2 high south and one on axe
Ruff photo:
Paulb2006-09-15 10:22:30

16th September

moderate northerly wind
very quiet at sand point:
200 house martin
2 knot in bay
at weston stw
1 black-necked grebe on uv
5 sand martin over uv
steady trickle of swallows south all day
3 greenshank on axe
1 ruddy duck on uv
3 reed warbler on uv
in moth trap:
1 common wainscott
2 angle shades
1 willow beauty
1 vines rustic
c.10 large yellow underwing
c.5 lesser yellow underwing
2 setaceous hebrew character
1 orange swift
1 lunar underwing
1 small dusty wave
1 clay tripe lines?

17th September

Light variable winds

At sand point:
2 wheatear roosting nr trig
15 blackcap including a bird in off the sea from the south west landing on swallow cliff.
1 snipe west
4 grey wagtail 2 flew out to sea towards cardiff and 2 on the point
2 whitethroat 1 in bushes on swallow cliff and 1 nr fort
1 yellow wagtail on middle hope
25 house martin lingering over fort
5 chiffchaff.
4 goldcrest 3 nr house and 1 towards the point.
a small passage of chaffinches and meadow pipit noted today.

At weston stw:
1 black-necked grebe still present on uv pools mainly in middle
2 snipe on uv
1 ruddy duck on uv
3 greenshank on axe
1 common sandpiper on axe

18th September

  Middle Hope/Woodspring Priory

gone quiet again this morning.
at sand point:
trickle through of swallows south started about 8:30
just a couple of chiffchaffs and blackcaps
at weston stw:
black-necked grebe
ruddy duck
15 pochard
50 wigeon
a drop in gadwal numbers with only 1 seen
2 greenshank
in the moth trap:
a bit of a cock up as it was not setup properly but i still managed to record:
common marbled carpet
garden carpet
setaceous hebrew character
large yellow underwing
dusky thorn
willow beauty
small dusty wave
silver y
cypress pug
angle shades
riband wave
burnished brass new for trap

19th September

light westerly wind
at weston stw:
5 ringed plover circling the uv pools before flying towards the axe
1 black-necked grebe on uv
1 ruddy duck on uv
27 pochard on uv
3 gadwall on uv
1 common sandpiper on axe
2 greenshank on axe
4 great black-back gulls on axe est
in moth trap:
1 angle shades
2 setaceous hebrew character
6+ lesser yellow underwing
5+ large yellow underwing
2 square spot rustic
2 feathered ranunculus new for trap
1 blair's shoulder-knot new for trap
1 centre-barred sallow new for trap
1 pale mottled willow
1 silver y

20th September

strong southerly wind
on axe est:
5 dunlin
350 redshank
1 black-tailed godwit
3 knot
at weston stw:
1 ruff on axe
1 black-necked grebe on uv
4 sand martin over uv
50 wigeon on wildfowl lagoons
5 gadwall
in moth trap:
1 turnip moth new for trap
1 sallow new for trap
1 frosted orange
1 angle shades
large and lesser yellow underwing
1 centre-barred sallow

21st September

strong south easterly wind
at weston stw:
black-necked grebe on uv
20 swallow south
30 house martin south
1 sand martin on uv
1 wheatear on axe
at axe est:
3 knot
2 black-tailed godwit
5 dunlin

22nd September

light south-easterly wind
at weston stw:
3 greenshank on axe
1 ruff on axe
2 common sandpiper on axe
1 black-tailed godwit on axe
35 meadow pipit south
a trip to sand point was quiet with only a lesser whitethroat worthy of note

23rd September

Light SE wind at first light changing to brisk SSE throughout the morning.

At sand point:
8 wheatear
1 common sandpiper south side of swallow cliff

600 house martin lingering over middle hope including a striking leucistic bird
1 yellow wagtail middle hope

At weston stw:
1 Ruff on axe
1 black-tailed godwit on est
2 knot at est
50 skylark in marsh
30 meadow pipit south
several hirundines south
1 common sandpiper on axe

In the moth trap:
6 Lunar Underwing

1 scarce bordered straw
1 Light Emerald
2 Large Ranunculus new for trap
4 Lesser Yellow Underwing
Paulb2006-09-23 19:08:01

24th September

moderate SE winds
autumn not really started yet in weston.
at sand point:
small waders on the increase with dunlin numbers up to 1
2 wheatear on middle hope
1 whitethroat on swallow cliff
2 alba wags east
a trickle of hirundines in from the north
15 meadow pipit in/off
1 grey heron in from the south and then flew up channel
1 willow warbler on middle hope
at brean down:
1 lesser whitethroat at fiddlers point
1 whitethroat at fiddlers point
200 meadow pipit east
14 skylark east
1 grey wagtail east
450 hirundines east
6 alba wagtails east

25th September

change of wind direction to westerly although very light variable winds early morning
at brean down:
240 meadow pipits SE
1 whitethroat below water tower
1 wheatear east end of down
4 skylark SE
10 chiffchaff
2 alba wagtail SE
at weston stw:
a near adult mediterranean gull roosting with black-headed gulls on the axe this afternoon
in the moth trap:
1 cypress carpet
2 light emerald
3 setaceous hebrew character
1 lunar underwing
1 frosted orange
2 common marbled carpet
1 large ranunculus
1 feathered ranunculus
1 square spot rustic
1 angle shades
1 straw dot
1 sallow
1 shuttle-shaped dart
Paulb2006-09-25 18:43:38

26th September

light variable winds
at sand point:
1 wheatear
1 dunlin flew east
3 ringed plover on beach then flew high east
a small influx of chiffchaff with around 15 birds present
light passage of meadow pipit south
1 skylark high south
in the moth trap:
7 lunar underwing
1 large ranunculus
1 feathered ranunculus
3 setaceous hebrew character
1 cypress carpet found on the fence
Paulb2006-09-26 14:23:30 at weston stw:
2 wheatear on axe
a steady trickle of swallow SE. Estimates would be around 250 per hour
a steady trickle of meadow pipits SE. Estimase around 100 per hour
4 snipe on uv
7 gadwall on uv

27th September

moderate southerly wind:

No birds worthy of note.
In the moth trap:
3 common marbled carpet
3 feathered ranunculus
2 large yellow underwing
7 blairs shoulder-knot
1 cypress pug
1 black rustic new for trap
1 Beaded Chestnut new for trap
1 pale mottled willow
6 lunar underwing
Paulb2006-09-27 19:33:36

28th September

light southerly wind
at sand point:
90 meadow pipit 60 south and 30 grounded
1 whimbrel on north side of middle hope
4 alba wagtail south
5 chiffchaff
1 chaffinch south
2 linnet south
5 wheatear on middle hope
2 reed bunting on middle hope
at weston stw:
3 greenshank on axe
at axe est:
1 bar-tailed godwit

29th September

A light SSE wind bringing some very light rain

At sand point:
13 wheatear - 12 together around the mod base entrance
45 meadow pipit - 20 grounded
5 chiffchaff
2 grey wagtail high west
1 green sandpiper heard on the banwell est.

30th September

moderate SSE wind with intermittent showers by mid morning
at sand point:
whilst walking over middle hope a prob. american golden plover flew low over me calling. initially i heard a call that made me look round expecting to see someone as it sounded like a dog walker whistling a dog. Then i caught sight of the bird flying towards me and then on towards sand point. I lost the bird as it became invisible due to the distance. Checking the wings i could see that the whole of the underwing was grey. The call was a double note "poo-ee" similar to the one i heard a few years ago. checking the bay on the incoming tide was unsuccessful.
140 meadow pipit - 80 were together in a sheep field
3 alba wagtail through
2 siskin over
19 skylark - some ground on middle hope and some south
10 wheatear on middle hope
2 clouded yellow
10 house martin over middle hope
30 swallow south
1 whimbrel on north shore of middle hope
5 chiffchaff - 2 in the bay
Paulb2006-10-03 09:51:02

2nd October

moderate SSW wind
at sand point:
15 wheatear on middle hope
3 chiffchaff
2 alba wagtail south
35 meadow pipit south - none grounded this morning.

3rd October

a moderate NW wind
at sand point:
3 golden plover on middle hope then flew south
25 skylark - 20 west, 5 grounded
2 abla wag
8 chiffchaff
12 wheatear on middle hope
a small influx of greenfinch, chaffinch and linnet noted
2 green woodpecker in NR
2 reed bunting on middle hope
at quick visit to weston stw:
50 lapwing on axe
influx of black-headed gulls
1 wheatear on axe
1 swallow through
2 bar-tailed godwits amongst the oystercatchers at high tide this afternoon.

4th October

light SW wind
at sand point:
1 golden plover south over car park at 7:30
2 wheatear on middle hope
10 greenfinch west
an influx of blackbirds with a group of 10 at middle hope NR
4 chiffchaff
4 swallow west
60 meadow pipit - 30 grounded
120 starling over middle hope
at weston stw:
30 swallow south
1 whinchat on axe
a few meadow pipits and skylarks south

a large flock of small waders at last to search through this afternoon with 7 dunlin on the shoreline at high tide.

5th October

moderate SW wind and light rain.

at sand point:
7 skylark grounded
a few small flocks of greenfinch and linnet west

6th October

brisk SW wind
just a couple of chiffchaffs flitting about was the only birds i could find of interest.
2 black-tailed godwits and 3 dunlin on the receding tide on axe est.
a sea watch this afternoon in strong W winds produced a juvenile arctic tern up channel close in and 2 kittiwakes north past the point. very little else seen: 30 herring gull, 1 lesser black-back gull and 2 cormorant.

7th October

brisk W wind
At weston stw:
1 lesser yellowlegs on river axe from brean cross sluice all day.
1 wood sandpiper per sos website
1 greenshank
2 common sandpiper
100 wigeon on wildfowl lagoons
1 merlin
1 yellow wagtail
link to lesser yellowlegs page:

8th October

light variable wind first thing with a moderate southerly wind starting up mid morning
at weston stw:
1 lesser yellowlegs on river axe
1 wood sandpiper on river axe
1 greenshank on river axe
1 common sandpiper on river axe
4 dunlin on axe
420 redshank on axe
1 yellow wagtail at sluice
2 siskin south over sluice
30 meadow pipit south over sluice
10 chaffinch south over sluice
2 swallow south over uv pools
1 great spotted woodpecker nr wildfowl lagoons
1 spotted redshank reported in afternoon per birdnet.
i've managed to get some better shots of the yellowlegs today:

9th October

SW wind with some heavy rain mid morning

on sand point
1 wryneck on middle hope. the bird was flushed from a rock face and continued to feed for 5 mins when it moved out of site. it was not relocated by lunch time but could still be in the area.

1 tree pipit over - 1 also seen on the deck on middle hope around mid-day
5 wheatear on middle hope
3 swallow through
30 greenfinch through
50 linnet around middle hope
10 goldfinch over
30 meadow pipit through
10 alba wagtails through
1 grey wagtail middle hope
100 starling through in 1 flock
4 chiffchaff
1 female type merlin over middle hope

at weston stw:
per sos website:
lesser yellowlegs reported at 8:30am
1 spotted redshank
1 black-tailed godwit
1 greeshank
1 green sandpiper
13 swallows SE
wryneck photo:
Paulb2006-10-10 15:30:01

10th October

Light variable wind and fog
at sand point:
21 swallow south
6 blackcap
an impressive flock of 34 long-tailed tit
15 woodpigeon at middle hope nr appeared to be migrants
400 starling east
4 chiffchaff
40 meadow pipit over
10 greenfinch over
1 wheatear on middle hope
3 alba wagtail over
15 skylark south
2 reed bunting on middle hope
10 chaffinch over
1 tree pipit heard calling on middle hope

at Weston stw:
1 lesser yellowlegs on axe
1 greenshank on axe
2 common sandpiper on axe

in moth trap:
4 cypress carpet
13 blairís shoulder-knot
2 common marbled carpet

1 lunar underwing
2 setaceous hebrew character
1 feathered ranunculus
1 large ranunculus
cypress carpet:
Paulb2006-10-10 21:44:45

11th October

southerly wind and light rain at dawn.
at axe est:
320 shelduck
4 golden plover
1 black-tailed godwit
60 small waders flushed by peregrines
5 dunlin with the redshank
5 wigeon
at weston stw:
1 greenshank
2 common sandpiper
3 swallow south over uv pools
1 otter seen around caravan park
lesser yellowlegs still present today.

12th October

a moderate southerly wind and clear sky
at sand point:
30 greenfinch west
20 skylark west
40 meadow pipit west
5 chaffinch west
5 alba wagtail west
16 woodpigeon west
60 starling 50 east, 10 west
1 wheatear on middle hope
20 goldfinch west
1 grey plover west
1 green sandpiper heard on river banwell
3 lapwing east

still no sign of lesser yellowlegs by 2pm. the only waders recorded so far on the axe:

1 greenshank
1 common sandpiper
19 redshank
1 dunlin
also several meadow pipits over and many on the bank of the axe.
Paulb2006-10-12 14:05:17

13th October

unusual wind conditions today at 0mph. also foggy and 100% cloud cover

at sand point birds moving east and west:
100 meadow pipit
30 chaffinch
50 alba wagtail
1 lapwing east
1 grey wagtail west
2 redpoll west
20 goldfinch
2 curlew NW
a few song thrushes calling from the bushes
2 chiffchaff
news from brean this morning by 10:40:
1 wheatear
1 whitethroat
1 redpoll
40 skylark north

14th October

light easterly wind and fog
at sand point
26 alba wagtail
5 siskin
80 meadow pipit
3 wigeon flew towards woodspring bay
5 collared dove roosting at NR
50 goldfinch
250 starling
4 common gull
2 redwing in the NR both the icelandic race
1 chiffchaff in NR
7 skylark
235 chaffinch
1 redpoll
25 greenfinch
2 reed bunting
5 song thrush
2 wheatear - 1 at point and 1 middle hope
1 swallow on wires in bay see photo below
1 great spotted woodpecker east
1 little owl on south side of the point
in the moth trap
4 blair's shoulder-knot
1 lunar underwing
2 cypress carpet
1 common marbled carpet

15th October

moderate easterly wind
at sand point:
many birds coming in across sand bay and on to middle hope. also good numbers in from south wales having come from flat holm direction.
starling 1,395. many coming in from the south east. 2,000+ recorded by the boc migration watch
woodpigeon 50
chaffinch 4,385 - largest flock through was 250. good numbers still coming through at 12:30hrs
redwing 1
alba wagtail 8 east
meadow pipit 30 east
song thrush 5 east
redpoll 2 east
brambling 3 east
goldfinch 10 east
house sparrow 3 east with the finch flocks
linnet 5
greenfinch 75 many in with the chaffinches
skylark 19 east boc migration watch had more
wheatear 2 - 1 at point, 1 on middle hope
siskin 13 east

river axe
some vis mig around 1pm with 15 skylark, 30 chaffinch 30 starling and some linnets across the estuary
2 golden plover roosting on the flats
30 teal
1 common sand on river
1 greenshank on river
6 snipe
40 pochard on uv pools
8 gadwall on uv pools
200 redshank on river
wigeon 115 on wildfowl lagoons
1 short-eared owl in salt marsh

in moth trap:
7 blair's shoulder-knot
1 angleshades
1 feathered ranunculus
1 black rustic
1 cypress carpet
1 lesser yellow underwing

16th October

moderate easterly wind. visibility became poorer at mid morning which seemed to slow down the migration
at sand point:
4 redwing
700 chaffinch east
21 meadow pipit
42 greenfinch east
8 collared dove east inc. 3 in off the sea past the point
12 alba wagtail east
1 siskin east
1 blackcap at the NR
18 skylark east
5 swallow east
2,800 starling including an impressive flock of 1,000+ in a long line east
1 reed bunting east
1 house martin east
2 redpoll east
3 goldfinch east
1 wheatear at the point
1 dartford warbler on south side
2 chiffchaff
Paulb2006-10-16 16:11:09 5 golden plover at axe est this afternoon. photo above

17th October

moderate easterly wind with 100% cloud cover and reduced visibility
at sand point:
good numbers of chaffinches and starlings over again this morning
a group of 20 blackbirds and 10 song thrushes were found but no sign of any ring ouzels.
1 golden plover south
3 redwing east
16 alba wagtail east
60 meadow pipit east
50 greenfinch east
5 goldfinch east
2 reed bunting
3 chiffchaff
1 wheatear on point
1 dartford warbler still present
female Hen Harrier flew from the Axe and over the approach road to the sewage works at 12:00hrs.

at the axe est this afternoon:

15 golden plover
19 dunlin
1 curlew sandpiper
1 drake pintail - see photo below
2 great black-back gulls
in the moth trap:
1 large wainscot - new for trap
2 green-brindled crescent - new for trap
3 cypress carpet
1 angle shades
1 shuttle-shaped dart
5 blair's shoulder-knot
Paulb2006-10-17 16:25:01 female Hen Harrier flew from the Axe and over the approach road to the sewage works at 12:00hrs. Paulb2006-10-17 14:37:27 in the moth trap:
1 large wainscot - new for trap
2 green-brindled crescent - new for trap
3 cypress carpet
1 angle shade
1 shuttle-shaped dart
5 blair's shoulder-knot

at the axe est this afternoon:

15 golden plover
19 dunlin
1 curlew sandpiper
1 drake pintail
2 great black-back gulls 

18th October

short visit to axe est this morning:
10 small waders flying up and down the beach
8 mobile pochard on the tideline
2 black-tailed godwits
2 golden plover east
a few chaffinches and alba wagtails over

19th October

moderate to strong southerly winds and intermittent heavy showers.
at axe est:
2 black-tailed godwit
8 golden plover
200 lapwing
5 small waders
in the moth trap:
1 feathered thorn - new for trap
2 blair's shoulder-knot
1 cypress carpet
2 lesser yellow underwing
Paulb2006-10-19 16:49:45

20th October

light south westerly winds and partially sunny
at axe est:
360 redshank
1 turnstone with roosting with the redshank
2 golden plover on mudflats
220 wigeon came from weston stw direction and landed by blackstone rock. I presume these birds were flushed by the same pratt that flushes them every week.
5 dunlin
2 black-tailed godwit
some vis mig over the boat yard consisting of 20 woodpigeon, 10 meadow pipit, 80 chaffinch, 2 reed bunting, 30 alba wagtail, 5 skylark and 20 starling.

i was walking along the bank of the axe when a dunlin sized wader flew
up from the river bank calling with a weak "tzit" call. it flew up
south but turned and came towards the uv pools where it circled low
calling still. from here i could see that the bird had a white rump.
expecting to match the call with curlew sandpiper in the book it became
apparent that the call is nothing like curlew sand but identical to
white-rumped sandpiper. I scanned all round the uv pools from both
sides but could not locate the bird. hopefully it will be present

also at the sewage works a water rail heard calling around the uv pools.

21st October

moderate SW wind.

at axe/weston stw:
no sign of prob white-rumped sandpiper this morning in a 4.5hr search.
2 brent geese by black rock
265 redshank - inc 45 up river
13 golden plover on beach
2 knot on beach with the golden plover
3 dunlin
2 common sandpiper nr brean cross sluice
4 wheatear on river bank
1 greenshank heard nr brean cross sluice

22nd October

moderate southerly wind with light rain.
at the axe:
1 chiffchaff nr quarry
1 female blackcap
1+ redwing heard
1 male yellowhammer with reed buntings on edge of NR
1 golden plover heard
50 skylark over
60 meadow pipit over
60 linnet 40 grounded
150 starling over
1 green sandpiper at brean cross sluice
2 short-eared owl in marsh
2 brent geese still present this evening.
also 140 wigeon, 1 common gull, 2 dunlin, 8+ golden plover with 200+ lapwing.

23rd October

slightly variable winds but mainly with a southerly bias.

at axe:
60 redwing south
50 chaffinch south
1 alba wagtail south
1 redpoll south
15 greenfinch south
3 siskin south
30 meadow pipit south
8 woodpigeon south
1 yellowhammer calling nr quarry
1 reed bunting south
10+ skylark south
1 bullfinch south
50 pochard on uv pools
2 brent geese still at black rock
10+ golden plover in with lapwing on beach

24th October

brisk NW windy

yellow-browed warbler found by paul gregory at 9:10 this morning and still present 11:00am calling occasionally.
1+ brambling in car park
2 merlin together south over car park
1 chiffchaff
1 ring ouzel at walborough NR also chiffchaff and blackcap here
2 brent geese still present at black rock.
Yellow-browed Warbler:

25th October

moderate SE wind with light rain

y b warbler still at sand point today
1 brent goose on axe est then flew high west out to sea and lost to view
9 golden plover on axe est
3 dunlin axe est
300+ chaffinches over axe most south but a flock of 100 east.
4 redwing east

26th October

14mph SW wind
1 lapland bunting flushed from close distance in the saltmarsh opposite the burn out hide. It flew up calling (t-t-tr 3 times followed by a teu) and then flew inland but curled round as if coming back but i lost it when it went below the skyline. I'd forgotten what they look like in flight. Quite bulky birds.
1 fieldfare south
750+ chaffinch SW towards berrow
170 starling SW
18 woodpigeon SW
1 Redwing S
4 alba wagtail S
3 brambling S
1 siskin SW
2 skylark SW
1 reed bunting S
10 Meadow Pipit SW
10 greenfinch SW
a swallow seen at brean this morning and also singles recorded at chew and severnside. perhaps storm driven birds?

27th October

light south westerly wind (forecast although it felt more southerly)
good vis mig this morning. a lot of birds moving south and south west over the axe est and many flying south towards the stw:
450 chaffinch
205 woodpigeon
2 alba wagtail
34 greenfinch
10 skylark
3 redpoll
5 reed bunting
680 starling
10 blackbird
15 song thrush
4 brambling
4 woodlark
1 collared dove
waders on axe est:
13 dunlin
160 redshank
reports from sand point:
1 y b warbler nr car park
1 richards pipit west over middle hope

28th October

light SW wind and overcast with occasional light rain.
at axe:
1 greylag over towards berrow early morning (per Paul G)
40 woodpigeon south-west
560 chaffinch south-west
4 alba wagtail south-west
770 starling all south except for 30 north
2 meadow pipit south
2 reed bunting south-west
6 rock pipit south
16 greenfinch
40 redwing south
8 linnet south-west
2 golden plover west
at sand point:
15 siskin in 1 flock
100 woodpigeon
500+ starling late morning in 1 flock
yellow-browed warbler showing from late morning
Paulb2006-10-28 16:13:51

29th October

variable wind this morning starting off westerly changing to northerly and then easterly by mid-day
at sand point:
1 y b warbler
1 chiffchaff
1 prob lesser whitethroat nr swallow cliff. gave only brief views
2 wheatear nr point
1 dartford warbler with stonechat nr swallow cliff
20 skylark
200 chaffinch
300 redwing
250 woodpigeon
axe est:
20 redwing
40 chaffinch
3 song thrush
250 starling
13 greenfinch
3 alba wag
235 woodpigeon inc a group of 200 south
50 b h gull
28 meadow pipit west
9 skylark
2 goldfinch
6 stonechat

30th October

moderate SSW wind. overcast
at sand point:
9,500 startling including an impressive flock of 2,500
2,000 chaffinch
2 brambling
5 redpoll
300 redwing
20 greenfinch
340 woodpigeon
8 skylark
1 stock dove
1 golden plover
2 fieldfare
1 yellowhammer
70 black headed gull
20 lapwing
on axe est:
1 female pintail
3 dunlin
c.100 redshank
in moth trap
1 red-line quaker - new for trap
3 cypress carpet
1 feathered thorn
2 blair's shoulder-knot
Paulb2006-10-30 17:51:57

31st October

strong westerly wind
at birnbeck:
2 great skua both up channel
1 skua sp pos Pomarine down channel
200 kittiwake up channel
11 common scoter 8 imm close in up channel, 2 adult drake close in down channel, 1 distant up channel
at sand point:
1 fem type merlin north
1 northern wheatear on point
1 chiffchaff nr car park
200 chaffinch
100 woodpigeon
1 brambling
at axe est
1 knot with redshank
130 redshank
1 black-tailed godwit
8 dunlin
2-3 great black-back gulls
increase of common gulls
in the moth trap
1 cypress carpet
2 silver y
Paulb2006-10-31 14:26:50

1st November

clear skies and cold 10mph northerly wind

at sand point:
most birds appeared grounded expcept for skylarks and starlings.
5 redwing
40 woodpigeon
40 greenfinch
100 starling
50 chaffinch
14 skylark
40 meadow pipt
brean cross sluice:
1 green sandpiper
1 common sandpiper
1 clouded yellow

2nd November

light NE wind and clear sky
at sand point
1 firecrest along road to house briefly.
1 yellowhammer flew north over car park
30 fieldfare lingering
20 redwing lingering
1 great spotted woodpecker
1 snipe in off the sea and continued east
1 dartford warbler at swallow cliff
5 siskin over
40 song thrush lingering
30 blackbird lingering
150 woodpigeon lingering in bushes and surrounding fields
at axe est this lunch time:
1 great crested grebe
530 shelduck
40 dunlin

3rd November

light winds and clear skies
at sand point:
firecrest (per Paul G)
6 brambling over
200 woodpigeon
150 fieldfare
100 redwing
20 skylark
30 blackbird
30 song thrush
robin numbers up and were up yesterday
1 redpoll over
1 siskin
weston stw:
16 grey partridge

at the axe est this afternoon:

good numbers of wigeon c.60 and mallard c.70
1 turnstone on blackstone rock
dunlin numbers up to c.80

4th November

light NW winds and clear skies:
at sand point:
1 fem Black Redstart at the point (NW)
immature common scoter  close inshore yesterday (NW)
6 brambling over
20 skylark
1 tawny owl calling from the bay area
150 dunlin in bay
2 chiffchaff nr car park
4 blackcap 3 car park and 1 north side of trig
1 dartford warbler nr swallow cliff
350 woodpigeon
100 fieldfare
80 redwing
20 song thrush
30 blackbird
2 siskin
1 redpoll
small passage of chaffinches and greenfinches

5th November

light westerly winds and clear sky
at sand point
240 woodpigeon west
150 dunlin in bay
3 brambling by toilet block briefly
185 fieldfare west
5 chiffchaff
2 siskin
20 redwing
2 blackcap
300 starling west
1 water rail heard in bushes on slope south of the trig
16 skylark west
1 yellowhammer on south side of fort
20 song thrush
20 blackbird
1 fem black redstart at the point
1 dartford warbler nr swallow cliff
1 pochard in bay

6th November

Birding pretty much cancelled due to fog.
1 grey plover heard calling in sand bay
2 blackcap below clapper gate
1 brambling over by trig
Between 2.30 & 4.30 this afternoon.
Of main interest
At the point
9 meadow & 2 rock pipits, also female black redstart sill present.
Around carpark
21 goldfinches,2 goldcrest & 1 blackcap(male)
35 curlew over from marsh at dusk  

7th November

Fogged up again this morning.
The best I could manage was to coax 2 female Blackcaps from the bushes at Weston STW.
spotted redshank at brean cross sluice this afternoon.

8th November

11mph SW wind and light rain
Firecrest nr clapper gate calling
Wheatear showing characters of greenland race at the point
at axe est mid morning:
c.20 dunlin
1 turnstone
3 black-tailed godwit
At weston STW early afternoon:
1 siskin by blue gates
1 chiffchaff by blue gates
1 common sandpiper at brean cross sluice
1 green sandpiper at brean cross sluice

9th November

light NW wind and clear sky
1 wheatear at the point
2 chiffchaff
2 blackcap
5 skylark over
4 redwing over
350 starling west
50 greenfinch west
20 chaffinch west

10th November

light southerly wind and high cloud
at sand point:
1 wheatear at the point
2 brambling over
100 chaffinch high over
200 starling through
1 chiffchaff
2 purple sandpipers at birnbeck
photos of the wheatear and the purple sandpipers on my november photos page.

11th November

brisk NW wind
at axe est:
2 knot
2 black-tailed godwit
80 dunlin
2 great black-back gulls

firecrest at sand point this morning by the toilet block. No sightings for the afternoon despite ideal conditions for sea watching.

12th November

light WNW winds
at sand point:
2+ brambling over with 30 chaffinch
300 starling west
400 dunlin in bay
2 chiffchaff nr clapper gate
1 male blackcap at the point
1 or 2 redwing around and c.15 song thrush

13th November

strong westerly winds
No sea birds recorded in half an hour off birnbeck
at axe est:
6 ringed plover
30+ dunlin
3 black-tailed godwit

14th November

moderate SW wind, mainly cloudy
at sand point
700 starling west
500 chaffinch SW
1 brambling with chaffinches
5 redwing
10 song thrush
1 male merlin at the point
1 chiffchaff nr toilet block
20 meadow pipit SW
1 yellowhammer briefly around the car park before flying south
Paulb2006-11-15 15:08:48

15th November

moderate southerly wind
chiffchaff nr the toilet block
20 chaffinch south
50 starling through
at axe est
4 black-tailed godwit
numbers of dunlin and ringed plover down on yesterday.

16th November

moderate southerly winds
pretty quiet birding currently. black-tailed godwit numbers increased by 1 to 5 on axe est.
duck numbers seem to be up but i have not been able to count as yet.
could only manage 10 dunlin.

19th November

At the river axe late morning:

20 skylark
1 greenshank
1 green sandpiper
1 common sandpiper

21st November

axe est high tide:
180 dunlin
20 ringed plover
140 oystercatcher
220 redshank
1 polish ringed black-headed gull.
Paulb2006-11-21 10:04:49

22nd November

light southerly wind and 100% cloud cover
at sand point
1 fieldfare south
1 redwing lingering
15 woodpigeon south
60 chaffinch south

23rd November

Another Black-headed gull on uphill beach this morning with rings.
From what i could gather the metal ring was EL53203
will post later if i can find this birds ringing details